Gas actuators will make your work convenient. Suppose distance is a limiting factor for you. When effective mechanisms are involved or when operating in a hazardous environment, this is one of the most essential devices to have at hand.

Ace Power Products has the best Gas actuators for sale, FL 33414. Our gas actuators compress the hydraulic oil with the supply pressure. They work perfectly on all quarter-turn valves, and this is the most used actuator in natural gas pipelines.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gas Actuator

A gas actuator is one of the most potent actuator types because it exceeds more than 800 pounds and uses high power values in high-pressure systems. A gas actuator uses gas as its primary power source to compress a hydraulic fluid and drive the actuator mechanism.

When choosing a gas actuator, you must consider several factors to get the best possible product for your needs. Save up to 50 % of your bills by purchasing a gas actuator at Ace Power Products in Florida. Some of the key considerations include the following:

Load Capacity of the Gas Actuator

The capacity of an actuator will vary depending on the size of the actuator. If you choose a gas actuator with two balls, the load capacity will be 4.123 kilonewtons. Still, if you select a gas actuator with four balls, its load capacity increases to 6.89 kilonewtons. The more the length, the more the load capacity.

Level of Accuracy

It would be best if you considered a gas actuator with higher precision to increase its level of accuracy. We provide gas turbine products to help drive an electrical generator or a motor and provide positional accuracy when using gas actuators. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

Rigidity of the Actuator

The gas actuator’s thickness and strength will determine the required movement. The shape of the gas actuator will also determine the rigidity rate and ease of movement. Visit Ace Power Products in FL 33414 street for more inquiries on the rigidity of a gas actuator.

Size of Actuator

The speed at which your gas actuator must travel will depend on its length. The faster it travels, the higher the accuracy and the shorter the time needed. The bigger the gas actuator, the less speed it travels, and the smaller the gas actuator.


The Environment 

When selecting a gas actuator, the first thing to consider is your environment. Your safety must come first. At Ace Products, we always give you guidelines on the requirements of each state regarding your actuator.

Your gas metering valve should also incorporate components like electro-hydraulic fluid, a pressure compensating valve, and a shut-off valve.

Don’t struggle when it comes to the movement of applications. Get in touch with us for gas actuators for sale at a cost-effective price today!