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Ace Power Products is the best gas actuators company in the USA because we employ the best mechanical engineers. Our expert engineers understand the regiment and technicality of handling turbines and other related materials. Gas actuators are mechanical equipment that requires the utmost expatriate, they are found in all kinds of plants and function in water treatment plants, refineries, nuclear plants, factories, and various pipeline outposts. There are various products and services under gas turbine products some of which include, gas metering valves, shut-off valves, controllers(drivers), water metering valves, etc.

The Component Of A Gas Actuators

Hydrocracker Unit(HCU)

The major process that occurs in the HCU is the hydrocracking process, this involves using catalyst and Hydrogen to crack heavy oil to produce cleaner fuel. In Diesel Hydrotreating(DHT) the same Hydrogen and catalyst are used, but sulfur and nitrogens are expunged from the diesel products. This is a gradual step-by-step process that requires a combined effort of a light ends system, recycle gas compressor, and make-up gas compressor.


This is a piece of combined mechanical equipment that helps in transporting or controlling a system or mechanism. It requires an energy source and a control signal for it to effectively function. When this equipment receives a command, the energy source in it is converted to mechanical motion to perform the specific task it has been instructed to do.


Gas turbine valves are projected to provide cooling for its principal system; these systems could include heat exchangers, filters, controls pump, etc. They help to improve the function and performance of a turbine, high-quality valves require low maintenance and are designed to operate in any fixed position.


The major function of a controller is to transport fuel to appropriate channels to maintain turbine effectiveness and speed irrespective of variations. The driver ensures the safety of the machine by ensuring appropriate fuel is regulated to need a channel to protect against increased temperature, speed, or pressure.


A reliable and effective TDI helps to control the starting process while protecting against gearbox burnout, which is common among other products. It also enables the engineer to use it to successfully crank as long as he wants without gearbox burn, they are designed to last in harsh conditions with no air path opening.

Ingersoll Rand Air Starters

They are usually in various forms either electric or mechanical majorly. Air starters create sheer power from their environment, which is used for instruction, marine, or automotive purposes. Some have more than 200 cataloged models with extensive options range, while also keeping data for hundreds of air starter special applications in harsh conditions.
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Combining Effort Of TDI And Ingersoll Rand Air Starters

TDI is designed to prevent burnout in the gearbox while also withstanding harsh weather conditions. Our company has designed a product that serves the function of both Rand air starter and TDI, our product which creates air path and effective from start to finish process in industrial, automotive, and marine processes also 200 catalog models, which stores data of special application air starters, likewise in harsh conditions.

Although we might not be involved in sales of TDI, we continue our commitment to delivering TDI spare parts and also promote further sales of our Ingersoll products.

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Have You Overhauled Your Gas Turbine Valves?

There is a required factory maintenance period for every valve and actuator, it is recommended to enquire about the date for maintenance. To have an effective and lasting turbine, you can request an overhaul on the fuel valve or actuators. Some companies provide a six-month warranty on their models, but we offer a year.
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