An automatic voltage regulator is an electronic device that maintains a constant voltage level for electrical equipment of the same load. Without it, a voltage can sag, spike, and surge, damaging the electrical equipment.

If you are running a business, having your electrical devices damaged by voltage now and then could save you time and money.

Ace Power Products sells the best automatic voltage regulators for all kinds of businesses to ensure that your electrical equipment is protected from damage and that your operations run without a hitch.

One important quality of a generator is efficiency. An effective generator will ensure there is no voltage fluctuation.

Why Buy From Us?

Ace Power Products has the best in-stock automatic voltage regulator for sale. We are your one-stop shop for regulators. However, the prime benefits of buying from us include the following:


Genuine Automatic Voltage Regulators

An AVR works best when the components that make it are genuine. Poorly designed and knock-off parts can lead to a malfunction and negatively impact your power generation. When getting an automatic voltage regulator, be sure to find one that’s similar to the original. This is essential for it to function efficiently.

Genuine parts and products are expensive, but the quality saves you money and will serve you for a long time. We have partnered with different manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the best quality and that their equipment is free of jeopardy from buying low-quality products.


First Shipping

A failed AVR can affect your business negatively, so you should buy it from us. We understand this is something that can’t wait, and that’s why we do same-day shipping. We make it available for you as soon as possible to ensure your business and whatever services you offer are kept running.


Products with Warranty

The automatic voltage regulator we sell to you has a warranty. This is important as it assures the customer that you can get a replacement or repair if the AVR is defective before the warranty period. This shows that we trust our products and care about you as our customers. A warranty ensures you don’t spend unnecessarily if the product is defective by causes that are a failure by the manufacturer.


Easy to Install

Our team shall deliver the Automatic voltage regulator you purchased as quickly as possible. Our products are easy to use and install. Incorrect installation or having the wrong AVR can put your generator at risk of not functioning correctly.

Be sure to purchase the same make and model, and in case it’s no longer in manufacture, consult with us, and we will advise you accordingly.

AVR performs a significant function and prevents power surges to generators and other electronic devices. In addition, you should know that a power surge can permanently damage your generator, rendering it useless.

For any Woodward product that you require, we’ve got it. We supply quality AVRS that will perform as well as the one you are replacing. At Ace Product, we will answer any questions regarding our AVR; get in touch today.