Mechanical energy can be extracted from liquid fuels like natural gas using an internal gas engine called a combustion turbine. Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your combustion turbine? If so, consider investing in authorized Woodward Actuator Governor Controller Valves Fl. 33024 from Ace Power Products.


Benefits Of Combustions Turbine Services

·      Reduced Operational Costs

Combustion turbines have a relatively low initial operating cost. Therefore, these turbines are not only one of the most cost-effective solutions but also one of the finest for greener power generation.

·      Effective And Long Lasting

Combustion turbines are inexpensive, long-lasting, effective, and reliable, with fewer operational breakdowns and downtimes. Manufacturers of gas turbines have developed models with exceptional longevity and low maintenance needs.

·      Decentralized Electricity Generation

Most countries are shifting toward distributed power generation systems. Since distributed power technology is modular, it can function independently or as part of a more extensive network. This is the way to go if you are trying to decide between this and solar panels, hydropower, fuel cells, or even tiny wind turbines.

·      Quick Turnaround Times And Little Oil Expenses

Compared to other engines, combustion turbines can function with far less lubricating oil. As a result, running costs are reduced immediately. Power and energy may be generated more quickly with the help of our turbines because of their increased operational speed.


Woodward Actuator Governor Controller Valves Fl. 33024 for Combustion Turbine Applications

Woodward’s full selection of actuator governor controllers and fuel metering systems components FL 33414 are commonly used in the generation of electrical power, the compression of gasses, and the operation of mechanical drive systems. At whatever speed, the fuel going into a combustion turbine is metered precisely using Woodward Fuel Metering valves. Valves with external valve drivers and single or multiple coil position feedback, allowing for precise valve positioning in a closed loop setup, are available with hydraulic or electric actuation.

The ability to shut down the primary power source is a common feature of many devices. Thanks to their shear-type construction, aero-derivative turbines’ gas fuel control valves excel in less-than-ideal fuel situations. For frame combustion turbine applications FL, 33024, plug-style gas control valves are required. Depending on the application, control valves for liquid fuel may employ bypass or throttling mechanisms.

·      Electric Power Generation

Our gas turbines are widely used to generate electricity because they can be rapidly started and brought up to full load and need less money to install and maintain.

·      Supercharging

A tiny combustion turbine powered by hot exhaust gasses drives compressors for aviation gasoline and heavy-duty diesel engines.

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