Gas valves are used in industrial gas turbines, power plants, and other applications to switch the fuel flow on and off. The valves are made with a strainer to protect the valve from contamination and damage. Depending on the application, Woodward Gas Valves are set up in a CIP or SIP configuration. The valves are then opened and closed using an inverter system.

It is important to understand the various parts of  Woodward Valves. It has a valve body, which is made of brass and steel. The valve body contains the poppet, which is a small, circular piece that opens and closes the gas line. It also contains the seat, which is the surface that contacts the sealing element when the poppet opens or closes.


How Woodward Valves Gas Work

Woodward Gas Valves are a popular choice for those looking to upgrade their heating system to the latest technology. They are available for various applications, with price tags to match. But how do they work?

Created by Woodward in 1993, gas valves are an excellent option for replacing traditional valves on existing heating systems. They work by telling the boiler when to fire up and when to shut down, providing greater efficiency and control of the heating process.

You can choose from an impressive range of gas valves to suit your needs, including manual override valves, half-hour strike valves, coordinated valves, and many more. Each valve is suitable for different boiler systems, so choosing the right one for your home is important.

Woodward offers a wide range of high-quality products that have been invented with the customer in mind. Each product has been designed specifically to help make your life easier while also ensuring your safety is protected at all times

  • This high-performance gas valve offers a variety of features that make it ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • The gas control valve is used for the gas turbine’s main and auxiliary gas control; the gas flows from left to right is air (other non-corrosive gasses can replace air).
  • The actuator is a single-acting piston type, with return spring inside.
  • The valve adopts an intelligent electric positioner.
  • The electric positioner adopts a Chinese menu HMI interface that can be operated offline.
  • The electric positioner has over-stroke protection and over-stroke indication, open and close parameters setting, self-diagnosis function, automatic self-learning function, manual operation function, and working condition display.
  • The valve has high precision positioning and fast response speed.
  • The valve has two-position feedback: absolute displacement feedback and relative displacement feedback.
  • Integrated structure without external pipeline connection.
  • All parts of the valve meet the requirements of the NACE MR-0175 standard.

The Woodward flow control valve is a compact, microprocessor-based controller, available as either an integral part of a turbine control system or a standalone item for facilities with existing controls. Whether you are looking for replacements for old valve systems or brand-new trim controllers for your gas turbine, the Woodward Gas Valve is definitely worth checking out.