How much do you actually know about your quality Woodward products? While you’re likely happy about your purchase, there is always confusion over the fundamental differences between Woodward actuators and governors. To shed some clarity on the issue, the professionals at Ace Power Products, LLC in Wellington, FL have provided the following comparison of working principles between the two products. Minimize downtime and the chances of a costly malfunction by reading this informative blog about the essential differences between a Woodward governor and actuator.  


If you’re not already aware, the governor works to maintain a constant speed on your engine whether it’s under a more taxing load or less. Without a governor, your engine speed would vary greatly depending on what size load it was encumbered with. A governor’s main principle is its ability to control fuel racks. It relies on an oil supply that if lost will initiate the governor’s safety protocols to be shut down promptly. The flyweights and hydraulic pistons work in concert to reposition the weights as needed to accomodate fluctuating engine speed. 


Actuators are one of the most omniscient and important inventions of the modern world. In essence, they take energy and convert it into mechanical movement. When an actuator converts energy into torque, it can produce motion as well as stop it with electric, hydraulic, or pneumatic pressure. Woodward actuators are a powerful mechanical or software driven tool to make your motor work effectively. 

The Difference

To recap, a Woodward governor is a product that is used in an engine to maintain a steady speed and RPMs with the use of fluctuating flyweights and hydraulic pistons working together. Without governors, we would see vastly uneven and underperforming engines based on the loads that were placed on them. Woodward actuators, on the other hand, convert energy into mechanical motion. They can be powered with diesel gas, electricity, or pneumatic propulsion. Think of an actuator like you would muscles in the human body. They convert raw energy into sustained and purposeful movement. 

Woodward is a leading manufacturer of both of these essential products. We offer rotary, linear, and hydromechanical actuators in our inventory. While actuators and governors differ slightly in their mechanical capabilities and application, both are absolutely essential in the modern world. 

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Without the inception of the actuator and governor, we’d be living in a much different world today. Understanding the difference between the two is necessary if and when you decide to purchase one of the quality engine governors or actuators from the consummate professionals at Ace Power Products, LLC. Our team has years of experience and has built a reputation for exemplary customer service and unparalleled quality of products to boot. If you live in Wellington, FL, don’t succumb to a loss of productivity and profit because of faulty governors or actuators. Contact us today for peerless expertise in the best industry tools in the business to get the job done safety and efficiently. Call or visit today for more information!