Ace Power Products LLC is an authorized Woodward products supplier in the United States and many other countries overseas. We carry a wide range of Woodward stock, and we are always ready to supply our clients with whatever they need.

Woodward is an independent energy control solution, speed governor, gas valves, wind turbine controllers, actuators, and power equipment manufacturers and designers worldwide.

Woodward’s product foundation systems are built on technologies, electronics controls & software, fuel, air delivery, and combustion control. By Deploying a fully incorporated control system architecture, fuel, costs, and emissions are decreased drastically in improving performance and external communications.

The Woodward product system delivers the best experience, fully controlling high-pressure common rail, dual fuel, natural gas, and bio-fueled engines in all sizes and applications. The development of Woodward product control systems is quick, and it offers tools that are easy for customization.


Types Of Products Produced By Woodward

  • Speed Governor

The speed governor, one of Woodward’s products, is utilized worldwide to offer credible and precise control of speed and output in power generation, marine pumps, compression, and Vehicle Applications.

The first governor was invented in the 70s by Amos Woodward, Woodward’s founder, and he invented the governor for the water wheel.

  • Gas Valves

Woodward gas valves are manufactured to offer incredibly rapid shutoff to gaseous flow and be used for emergencies and normal shutdown operations. Woodward gas valves operate at pressures up to 900 psi, and it is stainless construction and can withstand all operating conditions.

  • Wind Turbine Controller

Woodward wind turbine controller, is strongly built to withstand all types of challenges and harsh environment operations.

It is built mainly to start and close turbine operations of several wind turbines in response to the environmental and operating conditions.


Specialist In Woodward Products, Services, And Repairs

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