Having a power generator at home makes you gain awareness of how important it is to ensure the engine is safeguarded with a Woodward governor controller. Therefore, to protect the machine when it is failing or in need of maintenance, you need a reliable seller that provides spare parts and supplies. This is particularly critical when the power generator is the main electricity source for the home. In the United States, Ace Power Products, LLC, is one of the top sellers you can turn to buy and receive original Woodward industrial controls, actuators, and other parts, offering to ship worldwide. If you want to stay informed and learn about the functionality of the governor controller and why your engine needs one, consult below.


Why Use a Governor Controller by Woodward for your Engines?

Engines are complex machines designed to work under a set of defined and stabilized operations. To ensure the engine keeps running at a constant speed, in the year 1870, the founder of Woodward, Amos Woodward, invented the governor controller. 


Since then, the concept of the Woodward governor controller continued to evolve and support several mechanical, hydraulics, and electronic applications, including power generation, pumping, and compression systems, among others.


In action, the governor controller is a valve that regulates the load in an engine -or turbine- to ensure the speed remains constant at all times by controlling the fuel racks. Hence, the increasing or decreasing of loads results in an adjustment of the speed rate of the machine, guaranteeing it stays safe and away from the risks of reaching to the point of mechanical failure that could compromise the operation and cause severe damages. 


Woodward is one of the leading companies manufacturing long-lasting and efficient governor controllers worldwide. Regardless of the purpose of your power generator (backup system or main source of electricity), protecting the mechanical integrity of the engine with the installation of a top governor controller like Woodward’s is a must.


How to Get Original Woodward Industrial Controls, Actuators, and Other Parts?

As you surely know, the key to preserving the life and performance of an engine is tightly connected to

  • Rigorously complying with the maintenance services and parts replacement, as requested by the manufacturer
  • Using original replacement or spare parts for the engine and power generator.


In the United States, Ace Power Products, LLC has gathered the experience, know-how, and connections to sell and distribute major diesel power generators, spare parts, and replacement parts to clients from all over the world. The remarkable list of inventory includes:

  • Woodward diesel engine products
  • Woodward gas engine products
  • Woodward power management products
  • Woodward steam turbine products
  • Woodward obsolete products.


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