A governor is a piece of equipment that acts as a speed limiter. Governors are used inside of different types of engines to work as a type of controller. A governor is used to control and manage the speed at which a machine is able to operate. They often are used in steam engines to rotate the shafts to regulate the speed of the constant flow of steam gathered by the machine. Governors have been used for many centuries in different types of engines throughout history. Governors are often used in cars to limit the maximum speed of each vehicle. Governors are what prevent your car from reaching extremely fast speeds that would be very dangerous. It’s a legal requirement to input a governor on vehicles so people aren’t able to even operate past a couple of hundred miles per hour. Trying to reach these speeds could damage your engine because of the impact of the extremely fast rotations speeds. Most car manufacturers will limit the maximum speed of their vehicles to around 155 mph. Governors are often used in generators and turbines. Woodward Governors regulate the fuel racks and help manage constant speeds that can be reached. A Woodward governor is a digital or mechanical device that helps loosen lube oil pressure for an engine. They have their own supply of oil that is separate from the oil used in the lubricating system of the engine. The Woodward governor makes sure that the oil pressure will go down when you loosen the lube air pressure, The supply to the governor will shut off when the pressure of the oil supply continues to decrease. This is all based on the Woodward Governor Working Principle.


Woodward Governor Models

There are many designs of Woodward governor models. They have over 100 years of experience in designing some of the most intricate mechanical governors that are of the highest quality on the market. Woodward designs mechanical and electric governors that have continued to stay ahead of any other models that are available. Woodward governor models are the most popular because they come in a variety of different designs and have proved to be the most efficient governor models. ACE Power Products which is located in Wellington, Fl specializes in the distribution of Diesel Generators and Engine Spare Parts. AC Alternators, Alternator Parts, Automatic Voltage Regulators, Transfer switches, Alternator parts, and Woodward Products. 

Woodward UG-8 governor


  • The Woodward UG-8 governor model is seen as the industry standard and is used for engines and turbines. This model is used in engines that utilize gas or diesel fuel and helps them operate very efficiently. The Woodward UG-8 governor model helps control the temperature and speed at which your engine can operate at. 


Woodward PGD governor

  • The Woodward PGD governor model offers a wider speed range that can be adjusted. This model can be used to drive pumps and compressors and a wide variety of other things for your engine. Woodward PGD governor can be used to maintain a constant speed and turn off your machine operation if the oil lubrication stops working.


Woodward 505E (Extraction/Admission) Steam Turbine Control


  • This model is very smooth and works great for steam turbines.  The Woodward 505E can be used for nearly any engine and turbine. You are able to easily configure and manage the turbine speed and load to extraction with this model.