A Woodward generator is used to control a generator set, and it helps reduce the total cost of operating and installing. It commissions time and at the same time improves the efficiency, availability and longevity of the generator.

It is one of the many types of engine governors with the longest legacy of controls supplied within a parallel genset control market.


Uses of a Woodward Governor/Generator

These controllers have many uses; they provide the most innovative solutions to the real market problems providing quality value to original equipment manufacturers, switchgear, genset packagers, system integrators, end user customers and builders.

The knowledge control auxiliaries and power generator systems enable them to drive optimization through standardization and simplification.

Woodwards are also very fast in terms of local knowledge, support and response to an optimized and cost-effective solution through their direct sales force and also through the vast network of distributors.

The best engine governor controllers come with specially designed logic and algorithms for start, control, stop and protecting the genset. There’s also a circuit breaker and a utility where applicable. This technology will allow the standardized single and affordable genset controller for a distributed power generation application.

All of these applications come from a single stand-alone emergency backup power system and parallel load sharing with multiple gensets for segmented and complex distribution systems with tie breakers and utility feeds.

In order to manage a large-scale power generation system virtually, the Woodward Governor can command up to 248 gensets at the same time with a complete synchronization, Genset management, load share, dead bus prioritization, start/stop capabilities, and load-dependent.

This combination comes with equipped Genset controllers that have standardized software that’s very simple to configure and also easy to customize for individual applications.

Any peer-to-peer communication happening between the controls and the load share line redundancy at any of the levels offers a single-fail operation to the power generator and control system.

They also offer an additional power system reliability in mission-critical applications such as hospitals, data centers, and other critical industry processes where there’s a high cost of an outage that greatly exceeds the installed redundant and cost control system.


Other uses of the Woodward Governor

  • To provide full control of the gensets regardless of where you are.
  • To gather all the operational data such as operating hours, energy consumption, temperatures, etc., in the database cloud.
  • To stop or start the generators remotely.
  • To reduce and analyze the maintenance trends.
  • To help in sending and receiving alarms through either SMS or email whenever the generator reaches specific thresholds.
  • To automatically generate email reports.
  • To connect the systems with the applications and servers.