Ace Power Products carries the most respected brands of power generation equipment, with Woodward being one of the best in the industry. Our online store has over 100 Woodward products available for sale. One such product is the Woodward Gas Valve. The following provides the Woodward valve description for the Woodward GS16, a gas fuel control valve for use in base and DL Emission combustion turbines.

Woodward Gas Valve 

The GS16 Woodward gas valve is used to control the fuel flow rate of turbine engines. Those engines should have a power rating of 10-50 MW. This product offers a cost-effective and reliable interface between the gas turbines and the electronic controlling systems. The GS16 achieves reliable performance because it is built with only one moving part. This valve has an on-board driver, and a high-torque all-electric actuation powered by rare earth magnets. The metering port is kept free of contaminants by the valve’s self-cleaning action.

Fuel Flow

The Woodward systems use innovative technology to achieve the superior precision required to operate a DL Emission turbine. By running a lean mixture, flame temperature is lowered, and NOx emissions are reduced. The GS16 is capable of flow rates of 30,000 lb/hr, and flow turndown ratios of 100:1. This valve utilizes a modified equal percent trim, providing appropriate pressure and low flow regulation during light-off and acceleration, as well as adequate capacity to accommodate high flow at full load. It has a shut-off rating that exceeds Class III ANSI B16.104 standards and is certified for use in hazardous locations. Fuel flow can be customized for site-specific conditions such as pressure, temperature, and gas properties.

On-Board Driver

The valve driver and wiring terminal box are integrated into the valve assembly, reducing the complexity of installation. The driver can communicate with a digital and/or 4–20 mA analog signal interface, providing redundancy in case of demand signal failure. The on-board valve driver can perform accurate position control, relay back actual valve position, provide discrete fault output, and activate independent remote shutdown. The driver produces alarm signals for over a half dozen fault types including input power out of range, open wire/short feedback, position error, driver fault, open/short actuator, and driver overcurrent.


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Ace Power Products not only offers competitive pricing on the Woodward Gas Valve, but we also offer factory-certified repair and service for Woodward equipment. Our team knows how expensive unplanned downtime can be, so we strive to support your preventative maintenance needs. When scheduled maintenance is required (50K hours or 6 years for the GS16 fuel valve), we partner with the factory to provide an overhaul service, repairing the unit back to a “like new” condition.

For more information about purchasing a Woodward gas valve, contact Ace Power Products to consult with our factory-trained employees, who are experts in the field of power generating equipment. If more robust support is needed, our company can assist you with end-to-end project management support including design, installation, and testing of your Woodward system.