Run your machinery more efficiently with the Woodward Easygen 3500XT. This Woodward speed controller gives you ample flexibility and communication with other devices, so that you are not only running one system more effectively, but many systems of your business as a whole! Ace Power Products supplies companies throughout the United States with the best brands and the best products to keep their facilities running smoothly. Learn more.

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This Woodward speed controller combines the benefits of complete engine-generator control (and protection) with innovative peer-to-peer paralleling functionality, alongside a variety of useful features. All of its abundant features are easily navigated in its user-friendly packaging. Through the programmable LogicsManager application, this controller is highly flexible, allowing you to accomplish nearly every function needed, often eliminating the need for any further PLC controls, while integrating effortlessly with other control systems you already have or want to incorporate. Because everything can be done in one place, this makes usage and training of your speed controller much more efficient.

This controller can handle many types of jobs for your generator, whether it is a simple emergency backup power application, or something more complex, such as parallel load-sharing up to 32 gensets in multi-utility feed and tie breaker, segmented distribution systems.

Other features include current sensing (so that your controller is less susceptible to harmonics issues), CAN network communication and control to the engine, external control through Serial Modbus RTU communication, the Woodward ToolKit on your PC or laptop (for configuration), a remote control panel for configuration at a distance of up to 250 m, and much more!

Learn about this Woodward speed controller and its capabilities in full from Ace Power Products!

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This controller is perfect for many functions, such as emergency standby power for data centers, hospitals, commercial businesses, and industrial facilities. That’s why many business owners are looking to get their hands on it.

Ace Power Product specializes in power generation, supplying business owners around the world with industrial tools from only the highest-quality brands. Big machinery is nothing to mess around with, which is why you only want to invest into the best of the best. Navigating which products and tools are right for your needs, however, can still be a tricky process, which is why we’re here to help. With a simple call, we can talk through your current machinery and the needs of your business, and help you find the most innovative solutions so that powering your business or facility is as efficient and effective as possible!

Because this controller is often regarded as an all in one tool, giving you all the command of your machinery you need, many business owners are making the switch. Find yourself among them, with help from Ace Power Products. We ship worldwide, so matter where you are, we can get your Woodward Easygen to you!

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