If you’ve never heard of a controller or governor, you’d be surprised by how important it is to your fuel pump, mixer, or throttle body. They will play a significant role in maintaining a constant speed in your engine. While there are many different brands out there, a Woodward controller is known to be the most trustworthy and durable option out there. If you’re looking to repair or replace your controller, Ace Power Products, LLC ships them all over the United States — even the 8404-3004 controller!


What Is the 8404-3004 Woodward Controller?


When it comes to finding the best controllers and Woodward valves available, the 8404-3004 is what you’re looking for. Also known as the L-Series Position Controller, it’s not going to break the bank and comes with a small-package actuator that’ll get the job done. 


This product is designed to be a building block to engine management and is compatible with a wide variety of mixers, fuel pumps, and throttle bodies. Although a complicated device, it’s essentially one of the more critical pieces to your engine. 


When the controller receives a command, the output shaft will drive to the commanded position anywhere between 0-60 degrees. Once it gets to its location, a sensor will command it to stop. It has a high-efficiency torque motor that will help operate any fuel or air control devices. 


To ensure your controller works properly, it’ll need to accept CAN commands or 0-5 V commands, or PWM commands. It is set up through software using a PC-based service tool. The engine management system will issue any signals. 


In the event your controller or Woodward valves are experiencing issues, they are equipped with a relay driver output that will change the state of the controller. This provides a safe and secure device for anyone and everyone. 


To further enhance the device, the L-Series Position Controller is available in a wide range of mechanical configurations. They can even be integrated with diesel mixers, throttle bodies, and fuel pumps. The shaft will work both clockwise and counter-clockwise to help increase fuel intake. 


Benefits of Woodward Valves


If you’re looking for a controller you can trust, Woodward is always the best option. They will come with a variety of benefits to ease your engine management system and allow your engine to perform at tip-top shape. 


The L-Series Position Controller is fast, bi-directional, and positioned electronically to promote efficiency. You won’t need any hydraulics or drive for the actuator since it’s electrical, it supports both single and redundant signals, it’s tamper-resistant, and comes with configurable parameters. 


Trust Ace Power Products, LLC With Your Controllers!


There’s no reason why you should put your confidence in any controller outside of Woodward. The throttle body is made of die-cast aluminum and is highly durable for any application. 


If you’re looking to replace your Woodward controller, Ace Power Products, LLC will ship them anywhere in the United States. Don’t worry if you’re outside of the US; we’ll ship to you as well! Feel free to contact us today with any questions, comments, or concerns. We’ll provide you with an answer as soon as possible!