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The wrong voltage can damage the control. When replacing a control, check the power supply, battery, etc., for the correct voltage as indicated on the name tag on the control. Both high-voltage and low- voltage models of 2301A speed controls are available. The low voltage model will be damaged if connected to a high-voltage supply. The high-voltage model will not operate with a low-voltage supply. We have this and many more guides like this on our blog, but you could also call for help. Woodward speed controller may require help to set up, so we’re here for anyone that needs help. We a fantastic team to help any of our customers, should they need help troubleshooting with a product or if they need parts. Take this, for example. If someone needed help with a Woodward speed control, we’d tell them this. The following troubleshooting guide is an aid in isolating the trouble to the control box, actuator, plant wiring, or elsewhere. The guide assumes that the system wiring, soldering connections, switch and relay contacts, and input and output connections are correct and in good working order. Make the checks in the order indicated.


Woodward 2301a Speed Controller 

Many units have secondary shutoff capability. Gas fuel control valves for aero-derivative turbines incorporate a shear-type design that provides superior performance in less than ideal fuel environments. Plug-style gas control valves are specified for frame gas turbine applications.These controls are available for forward- or reverse-acting applications, and for use with either single or tandem actuators. Models for three different actuator current ranges are available, as well as a high-voltage model (90 to 150 Vdc or 88 to 132 Vac, 45 to 440 Hz), and a low-voltage model (20 to 40 Vdc). The high voltage model is identified as such on the front; the low voltage model is not. We sell factory controllers, control platforms, digital load sharing, air starters, automatic voltage regulators, vibration monitoring systems Woodward speed controller, and HMI’S. Woodward has an amazing line of products, and we sell them because we enjoy bringing everyone quality products. They have a complete range of fuel metering systems that are usually used for electrical power, gas compression, and mechanical drive systems. They Accurately meter fuel for turbine acceleration. The valves available include single or multi-coil position feedback that allows external valve drivers to position the valve in a closed-loop configuration accurately.  

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