If you’re planning on operating a boat or a ship, then you have probably asked yourself what is the difference between a marine generator and a generator. Marine generators are designed to be used in a moist environment. They withstand higher temperatures and longer exposures to salt water, which could damage a normal generator. Normal generators are intended to be used in other environments that do not easily come in contact with water

There are many marine generators on the market today, one of them is Phasor. It’s an extremely reliable generator that will work in any type of weather condition and can power many devices at once. For further assistance get in touch with Ace Power Products.


Why Do You Need a Marine Generator?

You’re wondering what a marine generator is used for, right?

Marine generators are great for use in boats and ships because they power all of the appliances on board. If you’re running more appliances in your vessel, or if you’re just trying to power up in an emergency, a marine generator is a way to go. The marine generator working principle has made it possible for sea travelers to do navigations without worrying about electrical supply.


All you need to Know About Phasor Marine Generators

Phasor marine generators are designed to withstand the unfavorable marine environment. The Phasor generators derive their reliability from the Kubota engines. There are many phasor marine generators however, you will choose from the three main categories; the Ignition Marine Protection Generators, Compact Series Marine Generators, and Standard series marine Generators.

The Ignition Marine Protection Generator is ideal for small boats and remote locations where there is no reliable power source. They are also compact and lightweight which makes them easy to install on your vessel. This model can be powered by any 12V DC battery. The K2-4.5PMG generator has an output of 4500 watts and weighs only 294 pounds. It can also come with a cable which is perfect for small boat use.

The Compact Series Marine Generators are designed for medium to large-sized boats that require more power than what can be provided by a standard 12V DC battery or solar panel system on board. The compact series comes with a 5-year warranty and produces power of around 6000 watts. For instance, the K3-6.5Kw compact series has an output of up to 6500 watts which allows them to power multiple devices simultaneously without draining your batteries too quickly! They can also run continuously for over five hours on just one charge depending on how much power your device requires at that time.

The Standard Series Marine Generators are designed especially for large boats that require even more power than what can be provided by a standard 12V DC battery. These generators have a low-noise cabinet with a high-efficiency fan to provide quiet operation and high-power output. The variable speed control allows you to run the generator at an optimal speed for the current load condition. The Phasor standard series can produce power up to 90,000watts. For instance, the J4-99.0Kw has a power output of 99000 watts. It also weighs approximately 2584 pounds making it ideal to be used in larger marine vessels.

You have learned the difference between a marine generator and a generator, so next time you want to purchase a power generator you know what is good for you. So get in touch with us for the best quote.