One of the most crucial components of any electronic equipment where the voltage varies widely is the voltage regulator. To ensure circuitry does not overload, it is vital to use the correct regulator for the product you are creating. Although there are many regulators on the market, deciding which one to use doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Whether you require Woodward governor parts or another brand,  Ace Power Products, LLC is here to help you make the right choice for your electronics manufacturing or repair in the United States. Below is our comprehensive guide to the function, necessity, and kinds of voltage regulators available to you.


What Do Voltage Regulators Do? 

No matter the load conditions or input voltage, a regulator will generate a consistent output voltage. By installing a voltage regulator, you ensure that the output will never be above the value you have set. This essential component in electronics equipment prevents damage to the rest of the circuitry and components of any electrical device. Although voltage regulators are useful in many various sorts of applications in which they are helpful, they all perform this same primary function when installed correctly. There exist two basic kinds of regulators: switching and linear. Depending upon the kind of electronic device that you are building or repairing, you will want to choose the correct type.


Kinds Of Voltage Regulators 

Whether Woodward governor parts or another brand, voltage regulators come in two basic types:

  • Switching (or Active)
    • When using circuitry that requires frequent voltage increases, you should use an active regulator. These regulators operate on a feedback loop that is negative to regulate voltage. The desired voltage range is specified, and the regulator modifies the voltage only when it is outside of this range. 
  • Linear (or Passive)
    • Linear regulators are useful if the power source of your electronics produce a consistently greater voltage than the circuitry can handle. This kind of regulator uses a specific resistor to reduce the input voltage by dumping excess energy in the form of heat. These types of regulators often require heat sinks to help dissipate the generated heat.  


Why Is A Voltage Regulator Necessary? 

Regulators are necessary to control the output voltage of any electronic device. Their use prevents unwanted damage to internal circuitry and components caused by an excess of energy. By employing voltage regulators, you reduce the chance that an essential element will break and need to be replaced. 


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