Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we offer an array of Woodward Fuel Metering Systems and their components. The components of Woodward’s Fuel Metering Systems Are typically applied  to electrical power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive system processes. Woodward’s Fuel Metering Valves are able to meter fuel accurately to a combustion turbine throughout acceleration, steady-state operation, and deceleration. Ace Power Products, LLC provide Woodward valves which are available with hydraulic or electric actuation and include single or multi-coil position feedback in order to allow external valve drivers to accurately position the valve in a closed loop configuration. If you are looking for a turbine valve or other kinds of valves by Woodward, Ace Power Products, LLC ship anywhere in the United States. Call Ace Power Products, LLC at our Wellington, FL office today for your power product needs!


We Offer An Array Of Woodward Valves


Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we offer a large selection of Woodward Authorized Combustion valves. Many of these units provide secondary shutoff capability. In order to provide superior performance in fuel environments which are less than ideal, gas fuel control valves for aero-derivative turbines incorporate a shear type design. Plug-style gas control valves are specifically designed for frame gas turbine applications. Liquid fuel control valves utilize either bypass or throttling technologies. Gas and liquid valves are available for all types of combustor designs including the most demanding dry low NOx applications. The scheduled maintenance of valves, actuators, and mechanical controls is highly recommended. This is due to the fact that regular scheduled maintenance will improve turbine engine reliability, availability, and safety of operation. While control monitoring is unable to totally replace normal preventative maintenance practices, it is essential to follow OEM recommendations when it comes to your Woodward valves and other parts in order to avoid unnecessary and unscheduled shutdowns.


Woodward Turbine Valve And More


You can look at the variety of Woodward products that we have available on our webpage. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best products for their industrial power needs. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we provide an array of Woodward products, and all types of valves to fit your Woodward power products. The Woodward valves that we offer at Ace Power Products, LLC include different types of: 

  • Gas metering valves
  • Shut off valves
  • Liquid metering valves
  • Water metering valves
  • Controllers/drivers


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Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we are dedicated to fulfilling all of your power products needs. We provide an array of industrial products from Kubota and Woodward along with Stamford AC generators and AC Alternators. Ace Power Products, LLC is committed to providing quality products that offer dependability and design, all at reasonable prices to meet the needs of our various clients. Ace Power Products, LLC should be your go-to one stop shop for your power generation needs, as we are able to ship anywhere in the United States. Not only can we ship anywhere nationally, but we also ship internationally to clients all over the world who come to us have their industrial power needs met! Check out our large array of Woodward valves on our website today! No matter if you need a turbine valve or anything else, call Ace Power Products, LLC at our Wellington, FL office.