There is a high probability that you have used stop solenoids today. They are required to start a car, generator, and other engines. But what is it, and how does it work? Happily, here is a guide that presents all you need to know about engine solenoids! We have discussed what it is, its functions, where you can get the best one, and where to locate it in your engine. Need quality and inexpensive solenoids delivered to you today? Call us at Ace Power Products, LLC in Wellington, FL!


What Is Stop Solenoids?

A stop solenoid is an electromagnetic machine manufactured to halt the supply of fuel to an engine so that it stops working. In most mechanical engines, you will find it fitted. They are a crucial aspect of nearly all diesel engines. Each engine brand works with a unique type of solenoid. Nevertheless, you can find one that is perfect for your device from a reputable dealer. But how does it work? Let’s explore that.


Stop Solenoids Function

A stop solenoid typical state isn’t energized. This means there is no power in it. When in this state, most of the solenoids are closed. This function prevents the passing of fuel from it to the engine. But before the engine starts to run, the solenoid will be energized, leading to the opening of the free flow of fuel to start the engine. The engine, after that, cranks and starts! When the engine is halted, you have removed the power to the solenoids, which closes fuel lines, and the engine eventually stops. If you lose power to the solenoids while the engine is running, the fuel supply will stop, and the engine will have to shut down. Don’t know where to locate the engine solenoids? Let’s find out!


Where To Find The Engine Solenoids

Generally, solenoids are often located in the fuel line before the injection pump or at the entrance to the injection pump. When at rest, solenoids have no power and would need to be energized so that the engine can run. When it comes to a generator, the control panel of the generator controls it. When the start button or key is pressed, the power is sent straight to the solenoid. This will now allow it to open before cranking the engine. If the solenoid is not opened, the engine will not start because there won’t be any supply of fuel.


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