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So What is the Difference?

Not all generators are created equal. There are differences based on fuel, output voltage, size, and mobility. Primarily, however, a generator may be judged for the purpose it is intended for based on its power rating, as either a prime/continuous generator or a standby generator. Prime and continuous are technically different ratings, but the functionality and design of these generators are still very close in purpose. 


Standby Generators For Sale

Standby generators are intended for emergency use only, for short runs until your main power source can be reestablished. You may use a standby generator at your home or business in case of a blackout due to disaster or grid failure. However, if you find that power loss will be longer than a few hours, be sure to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance to ensure you do not overload your generator or otherwise damage it.


Prime Generators

Prime or continuous rated generators are for situations where the generator will serve as the primary source of power and will be used for extended periods of time. The main difference between prime and continuous generators, in this case, is that an excellent generator is intended to have a variable power load drawn over a long period of time, while a continuous generator is for a steady power load and, as the name suggests, operates constantly.


These types of generators will often be found in settings like petroleum drilling operations, remote construction sites, and aboard ships. Prime generators may be used in situations like:

  • A company is building a new facility in a remote area without power lines in place to support construction needs.
  • A mobile kitchen is operating onsite at a special event.
  • An outdoor musical event is running power for lighting and sound equipment on multiple stages.


Continuous generators will be found in applications where they are needed as the primary source of power in the long term, such as when a facility is running in an area where there is either no or unreliable power infrastructure, or when it can actually be seen to be cheaper to run a generator long-term than to use an established utility grid.


Get What You Need

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