When someone has major engine problems and has to figure out how to proceed, one of the most popular options is to purchase remanufactured engines. It’s never a good sign when your vehicle’s engine starts to show indications of wear. Repairing the unit can be costly, and replacing the system could potentially be unaffordable. You are left feeling even more helpless and frustrated when you understand little about your vehicle’s mechanics. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC, we are sellers of Kubota diesel engine parts.


Why Choose This Option

A remanufactured engine is not a used or rebuilt engine. A remanufactured engine match factory specifications and in some cases, even exceed them. Every engine is reverse engineered to ensure that if there were any original factory defects, yet they are removed during the remanufacturing process. Every remanufactured engine is tested to original equipment standards to meet or exceed those standards on every parameter. So, a remanufactured engine should not be confused with a Rebuilt, Restored, Reconditioned, Recycled, Repaired or Used engine. Unlike the latter, remanufacturing relies heavily on the use of new parts from the OEMs. All core material is also carefully inspected and checked against the stringent original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances.


Here are some advantages to choosing these engines:

  • Unmatched Economy – With improved quality of body and chassis today, it makes economic sense to opt for a remanufactured engine.
  • Performance and Durability of a new engine – In fact, a remanufactured engine may, at times, score over a new one on these fronts.
  • Complete Engine – Complete long block engine with all the required machining, crankshaft, connecting rods, all new rod bearings, main bearings, pistons, rings, soft plugs, camshaft, and timing, etc. All the brand new critical components are procured from OEMs and meet the laid down specifications.
  • Re-sale of the Old Engine – A fair value for your old engine, whatever condition it may be in.


We Now Sell Remanufactured Engines

First-time visitors to our reman engine operation are often surprised by the size and scale of our facilities. In an industry characterized by small “garage shop” operators, we’ve set a higher standard, not only in our approach to the business but also in the quality of the products we deliver. Inside our dedicated 20,000+ sq. remanufactured engine area, we clean and machine every reusable part to meet the original manufacturer’s specifications. All engines are then assembled to exacting standards using new and remanufactured parts and thoroughly tested to verify performance.

Our remanufactured engine covers most major brands, including Perkins, Kubota, Deutz, GM, Nissan, and many others. Our large-scale approach enables us to typically stock more than 500 re-manufactured engines, ready to ship on a moment’s notice. Due to the outstanding quality, availability and cost-effectiveness of reman engines, many of our customers prefer them instead of brand new replacements. Trust us to provide Kubota diesel engine parts.

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When it comes to quality remanufactured engines, we are the best choice. Ace Power Product, LLC, has the perfect Kubota Diesel engine parts for sale. Located everywhere in the United States, we are here for you. Call us today for more information.