Having a Phasor Marine diesel generator to back up the electricity supply of your industry during programmed power cuts or emergency blackouts is a fantastic investment to remain safely productive during this contingency situations. However, you must know that to fulfill -with high efficiency- the useful life of the equipment is crucial to perform the mandatory inspections and maintenance actions needed to ensure the trouble-free operability of the generator. Achieving these conditions is only possible if you have Phasor Marine parts in stock. Ensuring the availability of the Phasor Marine generator parts is an easy task when your supplier is Ace Power Products, LLC, a United States-based company working online that also ships worldwide. 


What Are the Obligatory Actions Needed to Fulfill the Useful Life of a Phasor Marine Diesel Generator?  

Fulfilling the useful life of a Phasor Marine diesel generator demands the timely performance of several actions specified to preserve the integrity and well-functioning of the equipment through the course of its operational lifetime:

  • Routinary inspections, 
  • Preventive maintenance, 
  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Planned maintenance,
  • Emergency maintenance, and
  • Corrective maintenance.   


Each previously referred program (from routine inspections to planned maintenance) has an execution schedule and frequency established by the manufacturer, that needs to be analyzed in detail and compiled. Otherwise, might it might put at risk the system, demanding emergency and corrective maintenance actions that will put everyone on the run. 


What Are the Essential Phasor Marine Parts You Must Have in Stock?

The Phasor Marine generator is a packaged system composed of several items working together to grant the internal combustion that will lead to electrical power.

  • Fuel (diesel), 
  • Fuel tank, 
  • Fuel lines, 
  • Fuel filters, 
  • Cylindrical fuel transfer pumps, 
  • Injection system,
  • Injectors, and 
  • Control panel.     


The Phasor Marine generator parts you need to have in stock include fuel, internal filtration elements, valves, wiring, injectors, and especially, the cylindrical fuel transfer pumps. 


Why is the Cylindrical Fuel Pump Critical for the Diesel Generator? 

The Phasor Marine diesel generator utilizes a 477003E -24 Volts- FACET cylindrical fuel pump, a primordial equipment for the electrical generation system because of how it’s designed to perform the critical function of suctioning low-pressure diesel, from the fuel storage tank -previously filtered to remove dust particles and carried over water-, and turn it into the high-pressure fuel transferred to the injectors for eventual atomization and proper circulation through the engine cylinders that will ignite the electric power.


The FACET pumps are used for marine and military applications, managing operating ranges of 6 to 8 psi, 30 gallons per hour (GPH), and 24 inches minimum of dry lift. It’s also built-in with a 74-micron FACET filter.   


Why Should You Have a Secure Power Parts Supplier?

Having a secure supplier, like Ace Power Products, LLC, is important because it will offer to your industry:

  • Easy transactions.
  • Reliability in the delivery, and
  • Twenty-four-hour shipping. 


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