Were you looking for a K3-5.5kw Phasor Marine generator for sale but got stuck, without any luck? We have great news for you! We want to introduce you to Ace Power Products, LLC, one of the companies in the United States offering a wide variety of power generators that are already in stock and, of course, include Phasor Marine generators parts. Check out this information to learn how you can buy and receive the unit you need.


When Should you Buy a Marine Power Generator?

The answer is as simple as, do you have a yacht? Yes? Then, you should buy a marine power generator, if there isn’t already one in the vessel. Why? Because the marine power generator is the central piece of equipment powering the electricity that allows you to enjoy life cruising offshore with the same comfort as if you were on shore.


The marine generator is a device typically powered by diesel to produce energy that is later converted to electricity with the purpose of using it to power electrical appliances inside the boat. The principle of operation is similar to those displayed by regular generators. However, given the environmental conditions the generator is going to be exposed to, the design is built to survive frequent exposure to marine weather (salty and wet air). A standard generator is not suited to be aboard a vessel.


It’s crucial to be clear about the differences between marine generators and the set of batteries that are part of the yacht. The generator is installed to supply the power required by extra loads, for instance, air conditioner, freezer or refrigerator, lights, tv, and so on. The batteries (usually two) are there for starting purposes and safeguard (one in spare), in case the stay at sea prolongs.


The capacity of the marine power generator for your boat should meet the electricity loads to be handled onboard. One of the leading brands of marine generators in the United States is Phasor Marine.


Are You Looking for the K3-5.5kw Phasor Marine Generator for Sale? Find One Here!

Ace Power Products, LLC, has an impressive stock catalog that includes Phasor Marine’s K3-5.5kw generator and a complete set of Phasor Marine generator parts. You can ask them for the quote of a single unit (maximum 2). The order usually ships in 12 days. 


Before buying Phasor Marine’s generator, you need to verify the characteristics of the unit and the individual parts coming in the package, which at least should include the following items :

  • Kubota Diesel Engine
  • Single Bearing Direct Coupled Brushless Generator
  • ± 1% Solid-State Voltage Regulation
  • Low 1,800 RPM Operating Speed
  • Auxiliary & Safety Systems


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Are you looking for a K3-5.5kw Phasor Marine generator for sale? You can get one unit simply by ordering it to Ace Power Products, LLC. The number one supplier in the United States, shipping worldwide. Contact them today to receive a quote and see other products related to the Phasor Marine generator parts.