Having a good generator is a significant first step to preparing for a wide variety of issues. Whether your power at home is out or you want to go camping and keep some home conveniences around, a diesel generator can be a lifesaver. You can be prepared for any problem with a generator. The problem is, what happens if the generator is busted? That’s where Ace Power Products, LLC comes in. You can be prepared for anything if you purchase one of our spare parts kits, designed to be able to repair and replace any damaged feature of your diesel generator. Though we are located in Wellington, Florida, we ship all over the United States. Visit our website to discover how we can serve you!


101-0085 Kit HasThe Phasor Generator Parts You Need

Phasor generator parts, along with Phasor marine generator parts, are some of the best on the market. This kit puts together the stuff you need in order to keep your generator in the best condition possible. It is meant for K4-15kW-K4-21kW standard generators and includes such things as two oil filters and two fuel filters. Moreover, there is also a thermostat gasket and a thermostat assy, which will help keep your generator from leaking. Additionally, this kit includes a V-Belt, so as to guarantee you great traction, speed, and long life of service from your generator. These aren’t all, either! This kit includes a temp switch ½ plug, a ¼ NPT 5/16 x 1 zinc, an Impeller 302M for an Oberdorfer pump, an Oberdorfer pump ring, and a HE NEO Washer. 


101-0084 Kit Has The Same Quality Phasor Marine Generator Parts

This kit has many of the same Phasor marine generator parts as the 101-0085 does, with the primary difference being in what sort of generators these parts go with. While the 101-0085 is for K4-15kW – K4-21kW standard generators, this kit is for K3-12.5 5kW – Kubota 05 Series standard generators. You can purchase either of these top-notch kits for the excellent price of 451.00! 


Why Ace Power Products, LLC?

We are the best provider of diesel generators and generator parts to be found in the country. We care about you and your needs, and we strive to ensure that the generators we sell will have the longest service life they can get. We use only top-quality tools in working with your generator, providing replacement and spare parts in addition to preventative maintenance. We know how vital your generator is, and because of that, we offer 24-hour diagnostic service to help you understand the problems your generator may be having and how best to solve it. If you want outstanding quality and service, then we’re the company to call!


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