The characteristics of engines or steam turbines and the pump can vary. They have their definite characteristics for different acceleration points. Therefore, a mechanical-hydraulic Governor is needed in the engine to sense the speed and control the fuel delivery at the desired level. Ace Power Products, LLC offers high-quality mechanical-hydraulic governors (Woodward governor types) for engines or steam turbines. Contact us today and get the best governors for your engines.


What is a Governor? 

 A governor is a device installed within the engines or steam turbines that controls the fuel by sensing the speed of engines. It is needed for the maintenance of the speed of the engine to meet the changes in the horsepower. It stabilizes the engine by comparing the actual speed of the engine to the desired speed. It also ensures that the right amount of fuel is being delivered to the engine while idling.  Different types of Woodward governors are suitable for different engines. But primarily for engines and steam turbines, the best kind is the mechanical-hydraulic governors (Woodward governor types).


  • Mechanical Governors: 


As a speed sensing device, the mechanical governor uses gears and flyweight inside the crankcase. The controlling force(centrifugal force) regulates the fuel supplied to the engine. This adjusts the throttle according to the detected change in the load and hence controls the speed to the desired level.

These Mechanical Governors are great for your engines or steam turbines as they are cheap. Depending on the load level, they can also be used when an exact speed is not required to maintain. As well as, their construction is simple and has only a few parts. 


  • Hydraulic governors: 

In hydraulic governors, hydraulic power pistons or servo motors are used to move the engine throttle. Fluid pressure acts on this piston; typically, oil is used under the pressure of a pump.

For the operation of the fuel-changing mechanism of the most significant engines, the governor’s power can be made sufficient at its output shaft by using the right size piston and appropriate oil pressure.

These Governors can be used in medium to large-size engines. They have high accuracy with greater power output. Its maintenance is easy, and they are very efficient. They are the ideal governors for steam turbines. Most of the ships these days use hydraulic governors.


Why Choose Mechanical-Hydraulic Governors for your engines or steam turbines? 

Mechanical-hydraulic governors (Woodward governor types) are the best when it comes to controlling diesel, gas, or dual-fuel engines or steam turbines. They are designed to provide precise speed control. They are highly reliable and stable. The Mechanical-hydraulic governors (Woodward governor types) are optimal when used in power generation, marine, pump, compression, and vehicle applications.


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The Woodward Mechanical-hydraulic governors are incredibly reliable when controlling the speed and temperature of the engine or steam turbine. They are used to identify the actual speed of the engine and then adjust it to the desired speed when there is a change in the load on the engine. They are required to stabilize the engine by regulating the flow of the fuel when there is a change. ACE Power Products LLC provides the best Mechanical-hydraulic governors for stabilizing your engines. We specialize in the distribution of Woodward Products: Governor Control Systems and Engine control systems worldwide. Trust us for providing you with high-quality industrial tools from A-one brands right at your doorstep. Contact Us today at 561-317-4154 or email us at to get your hands on the best industrial tools in the market. For more information, visit our Website