A more significant percentage of boats are made up of appliances that consume a lot of electricity. Such appliances include fridges, water heaters, devices used for navigation, etc. Therefore, supplying the required electricity to these appliances when the boat is far from coast power can be demanding.

It’s best to keep the main engines of such appliances in continual operation; however, this is not considered ideal due to the lot of noise and smoke that is generated.

This is where a marine generator comes in handy. It helps deliver an adequate power supply to the appliances without much noise or smoke. It also reduces fuel consumption.

A marine generator helps to power all the electrical appliances in the boat efficiently. If you are looking forward to purchasing a marine generator for your boat but are hooked on which model to get, this blog is right for you.


Top 3 Marine Generator Brands for you

  • Cummins Onan Marine Generator

The Cummins Onan marine generator is one of the best marine generator brands you could get for your boat. If this marine generator is given adequate maintenance, it can be regarded as an invulnerable generator.

The Cummins Onan marine generator doesn’t require difficulty while starting it up, operates well at elevated temperature levels, and doesn’t generate too much noise making it a perfect generator.

This marine generator is also relatively easy to operate when it develops a fault, with an emergency service that responds at every time of the day.

  • Kohler Marine Generator

Another fantastic marine generator brand is the Kohler Marine Generator. Kohler has been working on their generator brand consistently to produce a generator that is smaller and more reduced in weight but at the same time delivers significantly great power.

Some beautiful qualities of the Kohler Marine generator are that they use Lombardini or KDI engines to power the marine generator. Both engines are considered powerful engines.

This type of marine generator is usually enclosed in a combination of foams that helps to deaden sound, and it doesn’t give off a lot of vibration.

Kohler marine generator is also a very cheap marine generator brand to purchase. All these unique qualities attributed to the Kohler generator make it one of the best marine generator brands.

  • Phasor Marine Generator

Phasor Marine generator is also one of the best marine generator brands. All Phasor generators conform to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) rules.

Phasor marine generator is regarded as one of the best marine generators because it doesn’t require major electrical parts, lowering maintenance costs.

This marine generator is lighter than the Kohler and Onan marine generators by about 10%. These unique qualities of the Phasor marine generator make it one of the best brands of marine generators.


Where Can I Purchase One Of The Popular Marine Generator Brands?

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