If the warm weather is enticing you to hit the seas this spring and summer, it’s time to ensure your marine generator is up to snuff. These generators are the most invaluable accessories on any boat, thus if you need to get a new generator, you’ll want to ensure only the best, including items such as Phasor Marine generator parts. Ace Power Products in Florida can ship anywhere in the United States, giving you the best selection in generators all from within the comfort of your own home.


How The Generators Work

These powerful generators work to ensure a steady flow of current to all of the boat’s electrical equipment, anything from audio systems, light bulbs, refrigerators, air conditioners and many more items. You will want to pick a generator that will be capable of producing enough currents to all of the equipment in your boat and avoid any loss of power. You most likely only want to hit the water and see buying a new generator as a chore, but it’s important to make sure all the components of your boat are ready to go before hitting the water. 


Picking The Right Marine Generators

Power output is one of the most critical factors to consider before purchasing a generator. Most generators have power outputs ranging between 3.5kW and 200kW. Determining how much power your boat typically outputs will help you determine what power you may need. And selecting a generator set with twenty percent more power output than your boat’s total power requirement will give you a better and more powerful performance for the trips ahead. Fuel options can help you stay organized on your boat, if you choose the same fuel as the boat’s inboards. For example, if your boat uses gasoline as its primary fuel source, then consider getting a generator that uses gasoline as well for ease of use and convenience. However, there are some boats that are less ventilated than others and may require different fuel options than what you were thinking. Selecting a model that produces less emissions and noises will make your boating experience relaxing and safe. 


Not only is picking the right fuel and power options important for your next generator, but so are the installation guidelines as well. Making sure the generator fits into your boat well and has all the compatible accessories will ensure a smooth ride. You may need to install a water intake to draw water for cooling the engine, or adding a strainer to prevent debris in the water from clogging the generator’s cooling system. You will have to install pipes that exit water used for cooling as well. Securing a good location on your boat, whether it’s in the engine room or somewhere else, will also ensure the generator is in a stable, fixed location for maximum usage. 


The Bottom Line

When it comes to selecting and installing your generator, it’s vital to know what you need and want out of it before fully committing to a certain model. Whether you are upgrading your current generator or getting a brand new boat, you will want to do your research on what best fits your current situation and needs. Remember to only repair or replace your generator with the best parts possible, such as Phasor Marine generator parts. You will then have the best generator possible to handle the summer seas. 


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