When it comes to dealing with marine generators, some things may seem a little foggy. At Ace Power Products we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make your marine generator work properly and to the best of its ability. We specialize in the best marine generator for sale. Also, be sure to check out our phaser marine generator parts. We can ship anywhere in the USA.


What Type WIll You Choose?

Are you the owner of a DC generator or an AC generator. DC generators are usually known for being noisier and impractical for any large yacht. AC generators are a more popular way to go. They are modern and a lot quieter. The main advantage of this generator is that is able to travel through powerlines with little or no power loss.


Consider This Too When Choosing A Marine Generator For Sale

When you are choosing a generator for your yacht, you must consider the location and what you wish to power. The location is very important because you must have access to it. However, it also needs to be installed in a location that does not negatively impact interior space or throw of the weight of the vessel it resides in.


Marine generators are rated by kilowatt (kW) output. kW output ranges greatly, from as little as less than 5kW, to as high as 200 kW or more. When selecting the right generator, take a look at the labels for the power requirements on all of the appliances and electrical accessories on board. Then, add about 20% more kW output over what they all add up to, and you have your load requirement. 20% more than the total, is fine. Do not think that “more is better” and get excessively larger output than your total load requirements. A generator running significantly insufficient loads actually runs less efficiently.


In addition to load and location, you want to consider what the generator runs on. Generally speaking, you should match the fuel of your yacht’s engines. If they are diesel, you want a diesel generator; if they run on gasoline, you want a gas generator. When it comes to the maintenance of the generator, we sell phaser marine generator parts.


For a marine generator to be safely installed make sure that:

  • It has been appropriately bolted in place to prevent it from coming loose in rough seas.
  • It is vented adequately for the safe emissions of exhaust gasses and reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure.
  • It has reinforced hoses and wiring that are made to resist corrosion and the harsh conditions of the marine environment.
  • It is easily accessible for proper routine maintenance and repairs.


All of our generators are factory test and certified. They are also made 100% in the USA. Our product can ship anywhere in the USA or worldwide within 24 hours.


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