Over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the effects of ethanol-laced gas in regards to boats as well as how it can impact fuel systems and affect the boat engines that are using it. On the other hand, marine diesel fuel has been skating under the radar even though it has seen some changes as well. Understanding all of the details about each type of fuel can help you make the best decision about which is right for you and your boat. Unfortunately, not everyone has the background knowledge they need to make the best decision, which is why Ace Power Products is a great place to look for Cummins generator parts and find out more information about your fuel options.


All of the Information On Marine Diesel Fuel

It is no secret that the fuel you put into your boat has a drastic effect on the way it runs and functions. Many people consider diesel fuel to be the best option for marine engines, but before putting anything in your boat, you should learn more about the product.


In recent years there have been requirements made that require the amount of sulfur in diesel fuel to be significantly reduced in order to help the performance of the engine as well as the impact the fuel has on the earth. The amount of sulfur in gas indirectly linked to the amount of pollution and fumes that are sent into the air when it is burned in an engine. A diesel engine emits soot and chemical particulars into the atmosphere that can result in smog and acid rain as well as other hazardous pollutants.


Along with the reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel, diesel engines have undergone a number of changes over the past decade or so. As technology continues to advance so do these engines. For example, they now feature ultra-high pressure fuel injection systems, electronic engine controls, and injection systems because of these things diesel engines are releasing fewer pollutants into the air and are performing significantly better. This also means that the black smoke clouds that you’re used to seeing being released from the back of diesel vehicles is a thing of the past.


Since diesel is a heavier fuel, some additives need to be injected into the gas so it can maintain its properties over the course of a year and throughout each season. A downfall to diesel fuel is its unique property that actually supports the growth of algae, which is something that you don’t have to worry about with normal gasoline. However, for algae to adequately grow it needs sunlight, which you can’t get into your tank so as long as the fuel is being treated properly, this property isn’t something that you need to be concerned about.


If you’re still not sure about parts, try researching Cummins generator parts to learn more about diesel equipment and which may be right for you.


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