If you’re dealing with heavy machinery, it’s bound to need repairs and regular maintenance to stay strong and powerful. All machinery requires certain specific parts and wiring for each model to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t break down. Making sure you have the correct parts for the right machines is critical to getting them back and running, which means you and your business is back up and running. Kubota diesel engines are no exception; they are rugged and built to last, but may need some TLC every once in a while. Locating the Kubota serial numbers on your engines may be a little tricky as they can be pretty old or worn down, but we’re here to help. Ace Power Products LLC in Wellington, Florida, has a large selection of parts to get your engine back into the game. We ship throughout the United States, and even worldwide.


What We Offer

Ace Power Products LLC has a wide variety of diesel generators and spare or replacement parts. We also sell and supply AC alternators and parts, transfer switches, voltage regulators, and diesel engines and parts. We sell only the best in equipment and engines, offering such brands as Woodward Products, Phasor Marine, Stamford Products, and Kubota.     


Kubota Serial Numbers

If you’re left struggling trying to figure out what parts you require for your Kubota diesel engine, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on finding out the right information. The serial number is crucial in getting the correct service parts and helping your engine continue to perform at it’s best. The serial number pinpoints the specific model of engine, helping you narrow down exactly what you need. All of the engines will have the serial number tag at the top of the valve cover. Don’t confuse this with the EPA labels which also have model information on them but are not for replacement part details. The sticker you want is on top of the valve and will have information like the engine model, serial number, engine part number and the bar code. Sounds simple, right? But this stick does fade or simply fall off over time, leaving you with the possibility of it being gone by the time you need the information. 


All engines do have their serial number stamped on the block as well. The location of the serial number does vary on the type of engine series. By finding out which model you have, you can then find the specific location for each by looking here:


  • Kubota Super Mini Series: the serial number will be on the side of the fixing point the injection pump 
  • Kubota 05 Series: below the exhaust manifold, over the crankcase, flywheel side
  • Kubota 03 Series: on the mounting surface of the injection pump
  • Kubota 07 Series: below the intake manifold, over the crankcase, fan side
  • Kubota V3 Series: below the intake manifold, over the crankcase, flywheel side
  • Kubota EA/EL Series: mounting surface at the gear case side
  • Kubota OC Series: mounting surface at the fan side
  • Kubota WG Series (WG752/WG972): on the side of the fixing point the injection pump
  • Kubota WG Series (WG1605): below the exhaust manifold, over the crankcase, flywheel side


Ready To Go

Now that you know the exact location for most Kubota diesel engine serial numbers, you’ll be able to pinpoint all the information you need in order to get replacement parts fast and easy. You rely on your machinery to keep everything running and powering smoothly, thus having the ability to locate serial numbers is crucial to getting yourself covered. 


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Armed with your Kubota serial number information, the next step is securing your parts. Here at Ace Power Products LLC, we have in stock some of the best companies around when it comes to diesel and spare parts. Shopping for what you need has never been easier! And with shipping throughout the United States and worldwide, we have you covered location-wise too. Call or connect with us today!