Whether you’re in the middle of blackout, working on a construction site, or hosting an event, you want to ensure you have the best generator to do the job right. Not only in the USA, but globally, the Kubota portable diesel generator should be your first and only choice to have peace of mind in knowing that as long as its 28-litre fuel tank isn’t empty, you will have power to stay warm and up-to-date on events during a blackout, get the job done on your site, or provide energy to keep your event moving smoothly. The Kubota rarely has any issues, and more often than not those issues are caused by the consumers, not the manufacturer or equipment itself. If you need a generator that puts out more than 10,000 watts of power, make sure it’s a diesel, and most importantly make sure that it’s a Kubota. Search for Kubota diesel generators for sale near you or get in touch with Ace Power Products, so that your important event, job, or family has the power needed to keep your peace of mind and no unexpected mishaps with your generator cause any unneeded stress.


Why Is It Worth the Money?


The Kubota portable diesel generator isn’t the cheapest generator on the market, but it is well worth the money. It has a number of features that prove that have given this product such an overwhelmingly positive reputation worldwide. To name a few, it’s compact so even with its 28-litre fuel tank it won’t take up any unnecessary room, it’s quiet so it won’t cause any annoying noise pollution at your event or make your workers difficult to hear, it’s fuel efficient so you won’t be burning any unnecessary fuel costing you even more money, and it’s water-cooled so its temperature will be more evenly controlled than cheaper, air-cooled generators. In addition to these, it boasts a simple 2-pole single phase alternator, which makes these low-maintenance and also makes them run smoothly. If that isn’t enough to sway your decision, they also come with a 2-year warranty to grant you even more peace of mind. If something does happen to your generator, you will have that warranty as a safety to ensure you’re afforded the best experience with your generator. Kubota diesel generators for sale will not be a mistake to search for online.


Kubota Portable Diesel Generator Specs


Whether you’re getting the GL6000 or the GL9000, it’s powered by a Z483-Eb 2 cylinder, vertical water-cooled engine, an AVR 2-pole, single phase alternator, a 28-litre fuel tank, and it even comes with a Deep Sea DSE4520 two-wire, auto start controller, which makes it the perfect option for off-grid solar power applications.




Kubota diesel generators aren’t the cheapest option, but they’re one of the most highly rated generators in the USA and the rest of the world. If you have any need for a new generator, or simply want to make sure you have the best possible generator for your needs, search for Kubota diesel generators for sale near you so you can be sure you have one of the best generators in the market. Contact us today!