Like any other appliance, diesel Kubota generators are an investment, and following the best maintenance practices for your generators is crucial. As an owner, you want to keep your equipment in good condition to ensure that it pays off the money spent on it. Therefore, Ace Power Products brings you this blog, listing the eight primary and critical essentials for the maintenance of diesel Kubota generators. So let’s get started.


  • Routine inspection

Getting your diesel generator monitored regularly is paramount to prevent any irreparable or costly damage. The complex exhaust, fuel DC electrical systems and engine might be leaking or stained and rusted. Apart from that, the collection of dust and debris can also cause malfunction. Identifying and addressing these problems in time would keep them from causing further complications.


  • Checking the coolant level

For a heavy-duty diesel generator to deliver optimal, long-term performance, prevention from overheating and keeping the coolant levels in check is crucial. It is essential to remove the radiator cap to let the engine cool down. Visual inspection of the cooling system to check for dust and other small particles can also help identify any damage to the belt and hoses beforehand.


  • Lubrication service

A generator is a costly yet essential contraption. It is advisable to opt for high-quality oils and lubricants that comply with the OEM’s guidelines and specifications for general lubricants. The engine oil should also be changed regularly, and the manual for oil drainage, API oil classification, and oil viscosity should be followed.


  • Battery testing

The battery needs to be maintained well to avoid power system failures. Cleaning the batteries, checking their specific gravity and electrolyte levels, and keeping them fully charged can improve the life of your Kubota generator.


  • Fuel system

The fuel in your tanks needs to be treated with anti-microbial and anti-gel additives. Fuel must be replaced in 3-6 months. Preventive maintenance like regular inspection of oil level, starting system, and coolant level should be carried out. Getting the leaks, holes, loose wiring and connections, blockage in fins due to dust and debris, etc., are crucial for the diesel Kubota generator.


  • Inspection of exhaust and ventilation system

Leaks in the exhaust line need to be repaired as soon as possible. Therefore, regularly checking your exhaust system for potential cracks and leaks and routinely getting a technician to inspect it thoroughly is important for the generator to work smoothly. Periodic assessment of the ventilation system is also advised.


  • Winterizing kits

Severe cold can cause gelling in fuel, leading the generator to malperformance. Thicker oil viscosity and cold batteries can make it permanently faulty. Therefore, local generator service companies offer add-on components to prevent the Kubota generator in cold climates. Residing in Wellington, it is advisable to go for suitable winterizing kits to ensure that your generator does not get damaged due to environmental variables.


  • Routine engine exercise

Routinely exercising your generator engine for at least 30 minutes prevents stacking of moisture and keeps the engine lubricated. As a key rule, your Kubota generator should be exercised between once a week and once a month, without load. This engine exercise is required for the generator to work well and, therefore, must be executed.


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