You’ve trusted and relied on Kubota engines for years, but do you know anything about the company itself? Here at Ace Power Products LLC, we pride ourselves on only selling the very best in Kubota diesel engines and other great, reliable brands of generators, engines and replacement parts. Located in Wellington, Florida, we ship all our products throughout the entire United States and worldwide, ensuring you get the very best. We know the history of all the brands we sell here, and take pride in selling only the highest quality products.  


What We Offer

Ace Power Products LLC has a wide variety of diesel generators and spare or replacement parts. We also sell and supply AC alternators and parts, transfer switches, voltage regulators, and diesel engines and parts. We sell only the best in equipment and engines, offering such brands as Woodward Products, Phasor Marine, Stamford Products, and Kubota. Our mantra is safety, efficiency and reliability. 


The Story Behind Kubota Engines

Kubota has been around since 1890, and started producing agro-industrial oil based engines since 1922. They didn’t start out making engines, tractors and generators back then, but were first established as a foundry for producing heavy equipment castings. Kubota actually developed and commercialized the first Japanese farm tractor, setting a precedence in the country. The company produced vending machines in the early 1960s, just a few years before they came to America. Kubota’s first import was a farm tractor in 1969, and with its success they were able to establish themselves in the US as Kubota Tractor Corporation, taking root in California. 


Kubota has over 40,000 employees and is ranked 8th among its competitors. Although first established in Osaka, Japan, many of Kubota’s products are manufactured in the United States, with multiple factories spread out. One factory in Gainesville, Georgia, builds many of their tractors and their line of RTV recreational vehicles. Kubota is revolutionary in their sustainability awareness, helping to build a Solar Ark in Japan, a museum and leader in solar energy. One of their newer slogans is “Let’s make our habitat more beautiful”. With this dedication to sustainability and renewable energy, back in 1992 Kubota donated funds to establish the International Environmental Planning Center in the University of Tokyo’s Engineering faculty department. And in 1993 Kubota’s domestic wastewater treatment system was awarded both the Director General’s Prize and the Excellent Prize of the Environmental Agency. In 2009 and 2010 they started building plants and factories in both Thailand and China, and in 2014 established a farming tractor manufacturing company in France. Kubota even sponsors a professional rugby team in Japan, known as the Kubota Spears!


A Leader In Machinery

You may have thought Kubota ended at diesel engines, but they are so much more. Kubota has been around since 1890, providing machinery needs and innovations for years and years. They adapt and grow with each new century, creating what every country needs to thrive and become better, including sustainability and environmental issues. Kubota is here to stay and is showing that they are a force to be reckoned with in the machinery business. 


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From Kubota engines to other brand name replacement parts and generators, Ace Power Products LLC provides only the best in heavy duty machinery. We know our brands like the back of our hands, able to deliver the highest quality and durable industrial tools. For Kubota diesel engines to Phasor Marine generators, we ship throughout the United States and worldwide from our Wellington, Florida location. Call or connect with us today!