Regular maintenance of your Kubota engine upkeep ensures it lasts as long as possible. Also, maintenance helps you avoid hampering proper operation of the Kubota engine. If your Kubota has been in storage for a long time, these tips will help you in preparing your Kubota engine for hay season, or you could contact Ace Power Products, LLC for some maintenance help.

First, you have to conduct a thorough inspection of the equipment. Hook up and run it, ensure it has the correct bearings, check for wear on the sprockets and chain, grease the machine, check for belts that need to be spliced, and ensure nothing runs hot.

Some Kubota Engine Upkeep  

Add fresh fluids

It is essential that you start the season with fresh fluids for proper starting and running. From time to time, gasoline breaks and may cause your Kubota engine to perform poorly or refuse to start altogether. The fuel levels should be fresh and without any water condensation collected during storage. Drain all the remaining gasoline and add one afresh.

Check underneath the tractor for leaks, puddles, and fluids that have accumulated.

Change oil

Before you set your Kubota tractor rolling, you need to change the oil. It is recommended that you change the gearbox oil after every 5000 bales or every few years. Dirty oil can cause severe damage to your engine, shortening its life span, leading to future Kubota Engine Upkeep problems.

Check switches

Ensure all switches are working.

Sharpen the blades

The blades of the Kubota become dull over time or after prolonged use. Instead of giving your grass an excellent clean-cut, a flat blade gives your grass tears. Sharpening the blades will give your cut a clean, professional look.

Check batteries

Ensure the batteries are securely anchored to the unit. Check if the connections are clean and fully functional. Also, ensure the electrolytes levels are accurate. Look for signs of corrosion on the leads.

Check the tires and wheels.

Ensure the tires and wheels are properly inflated. Use the owner’s manual and ensure they are at the recommended pressure. Look for cuts and breaks in the tread and tires. Also, ensure the lug nuts are secure by tightening them.

The general condition of the Kubota

Ensure the Kubota has no cracked or broken parts. Check the hoses for leaks, damages, loose nuts, bolts, and other parts.

Ensure the shields are in their proper places. Clean any mud or grease off your tractor.

Check all lights and flashers and walk around the unit to ensure all of them are working correctly.

Get your employees ready.

Ensure all your employees are trained. Hold a training session to make sure they know how to perform simple inspections and operate the equipment.

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Your harvest success depends on how your equipment is working. If your machine is down, you won’t make money. The above tips should get you thinking before the hay season sets in and   help you get ready for the first cut of the hay season. Also, remember to reference your operator’s manual for the best performance. Get in touch with Ace Power Product LLC, in Texas for further assistance.