Diesel engines have recently become increasingly popular, owing to their highly fuel-efficient nature. At Ace Power Products, LLC, we offer some of the most top-notch quality diesel engines. Get your Kubota diesel engine from us today! We understand that people like to do their research before buying things, and there are some myths regarding diesel engine performance and their overall working that we will bust today. In addition to this, we will also look at the impact of different weather conditions on Kubota diesel engines.


Myths regarding Diesel Engines

The most heard myth is that diesel is not a clean fuel. However, this is not true. Thanks to EPA emissions and their guidelines, diesel engines are not allowed to emit any harmful substances. Their policies are mirrored with those applicable on gasoline engines, thus making them equally clean. With the evolvement in diesel engines, a catalyst has been introduced to the diesel’s structure that converts the accumulated soot into a non harmful substance.


Secondly, you might hear people saying diesel is not available at fuel pumps. Once again, this is not true as diesel is readily available in all local neighbourhood fuel pumps. In addition to the myth regarding its availability, people also believe that diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline. Even though this is slightly true, the high prices are because of the tax structure. Gasoline and diesel fuel are equally costly to produce.


Diesel Engine Performance and differing weather conditions

Now that we have already seen some myths regarding diesel engines, let’s also look at a pervasive myth regarding diesel engines and cold weather. People generally tend to believe that diesel engines take time to start up during the cold weather. This might have been true regarding all engines in the past, but engines today are designed while keeping the cold weather in mind.


The main problem was diesel’s ability to turn into a gel from its liquid state at low temperatures when it comes to diesel engines. However, this problem was effectively tackled in the Kubota engine by adding glow plugs to the diesel engine. These plugs get heated up once the battery is turned on and keep the engine’s temperature moderated, preventing the diesel fuel from turning into a gooey gel-like substance.


Performance of cars with the Kabuto Diesel Engine

Once again, people tend to have a negative opinion about diesel engines and fall for the misconception that diesel engines have poor performance. This idea is derived from the misinformed notion that only heavy vehicles like trucks operate on diesel engines. However, this is not true, and the slow speed of these heavy vehicles is usually a result of the heavy load they are carrying. In reality, most people have said that driving a car with a diesel engine is smoother than driving one with a gasoline engine.


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