AVRs, are used to regulate AC voltages. They are widely used in industrial applications as generators depend on their ability to stabilize voltage. Therefore, it is crucial that you use a quality AVR to ensure compatibility and quality performance.

Sometimes, however, AVRs can lose their effectiveness, and it can be hard to detect equipment that’s about to fail.

General Power will show you some simple symptoms of a bad AVR, and how AVRs can become damaged. We’ll also show you how to spot counterfeit parts, and why those are bad for your business and equipment.

Learn more about how to choose a voltage regulator and let General Power help you order brand-new, genuine AVR.

Automatic Voltage Regulators, or AVRs, are used to regulate AC voltages. They are a critical component of the generator and will determine its ability to produce stable and quality power. Here’s what you need to know to figure out if your AVR is bad.

How AVRs work

  • Power Supply – from the rectifier main circuit
  • Sensing – the voltage detection circuit
  • Control – comparison and control circuit

Some simple symptoms of a bad AVR

  • Too much voltage
  • Too little voltage
  • Hunting or surging
  • Failure

How AVRs are damaged

  • Unstable generator engine speed
  • Current overload
  • Power surge
  • Short circuit
  • Age

Watch for counterfeits

  • Counterfeit voltage regulators are manufactured with low-quality components that do not meet the performance standards of the original manufacturer
  • A faulty counterfeit AVR often causes unwanted downtime, can damage the alternator, and can even damage the equipment connected to the generator
  • The cost of an original AVR is a fraction of the cost of downtime and premature generator failure often caused by the use of counterfeits
  • Original AVRs from authorized factory master distributors come with a comprehensive worldwide warranty backed by the alternator manufacturer
  • Identifying an original AVR can sometimes be very difficult due to the large amount of counterfeit alternatives and a growing number of unethical resellers
  • Buying from factory authorized master distributors is the only way to guarantee you are obtaining a brand new original AVR with full factory warranty at the lowest prices

Clones are being sold on the following sites:

  • alibaba
  • ebay
  • amazon
  • tradekey
  • aliexpress
  • joyfay
  • dhgate
  • banggood
  • made in china
  • Any supplier with a website from China

What they can do to your generator

  • Improper regulation of voltage
  • Failure
  • Burn out generator

Buy genuine generator parts, including AVRs

We say no to Chinese copies. All our products are 100% original.

  • 100% of our products are purchased directly from the original manufacturers
  • 100% of our products are individually serialized and can be individually tracked back to the factory
  • 100% of our manufacturers will gladly certify the origin and authenticity of our products