Before diesel engines were put into heavy-duty trucks, you could find them most commonly in ships, trains, and submarines. Their focus and function was for the shipping industry, and invented by Rudolf Diesel in the late 19th century. However, if heavy-duty diesel engines are not properly maintained or serviced, it will cause several problems. From Wellington, FL, all the way across the United States to Portland, OR, Ace Power Products LLC has you covered. With the right skills and expertise, we can detect common issues and repair to ensure future use.

The Best Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines

Thanks to the demand for diesels when gas prices escalated in the ‘70s, the combat in rising fuel prices made vehicle makers start offering diesel engines with better fuel efficiency and higher miles per gallon. These are diesel engines from the top manufacturers..

  •  6.6L Duramax LB7 – Best Diesel Engine

The LB7 Duramax was superior to the outdated Detroit and made its revolution when Chevrolet and GMC pick-up trucks were in the market. This engine is unique to other units as it predates the emissions regulations. It is reliable and regarded as the economical engine.

  • 6.7L Power Stroke – Best Ford Diesel Engine

The 6.7L Power Stroke was built in-house for Ford Super Duty, which is still the most reliable diesel truck. While this revised engine includes several significant changes, the piston design is the most notable. 

Best Generators in USA

Different needs require different models of generators for the given situation. Either a backup power supply, camping, and tools or power outage. These listed are the top producing portable generators.

  • Briggs &  Stratton 30676, 3500 Watts

This generator is portable and affordable on the market for reliability. It gets 3500 watts and services as a backup power source during a power outage. It also serves for powering heavy machinery, such as pressure washers or RV, or stereo. 

  • Champion Power Equipment 75537i, 3100 Watt

This generator is perfect for camping or tailgate, and features the reliability for the given activities. The tank will hold 1.6 gallons of gas, and last up to 8 hours. It is quiet and lightweight and great for power sensitive electronics. 

  • Champion Power Equipment 100219, 7500 Watt

This heavy-duty generator is best for heavy duty jobs. It powers large appliances during power outages, power tools, AC units, and other jobs. You can accurately track power output and maintenance levels.

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