Do you need help regulating the speed of your engine? Have you tried to use generators from other companies and felt disappointed? We understand that your governor control systems may not be working correctly anymore. That means you need a new system, and here at Ace Power Products, we work to provide those systems to you! If you live outside of the United States, please do not fear, we ship worldwide! Soon the Woodward Speed Controller will be available, and we would like to tell you more about it! Visit our Service Page for more information.


How Does The New Product Work?


The Woodward Speed Controller uses electricity to process the signal. After this happens, the magnet takes power, and the engine works at the speed that you want. Now you are probably asking yourself how you will adjust the speed. Do not worry! The Woodward Speed Controller includes a mechanism that allows you to adjust the speed. How does the system get its power? Well, the system is entirely electric, so there is no charging involved! 


How Can You Control The New Governor Control Systems? 


While reading this article, you are likely wondering how you can control the new product. The new controller has a remote speed selector that can help you adjust the speed. Please note that the remote is optional and does not automatically come with the speed controller. When setting up the controller, each controller has different collaboration methods that best fit them. 


What Should You Do When Your Controller Is Giving You Trouble? 


In life, it is typical for items we use to stop working; eventually, this includes your controller. When your controller is giving you trouble, you can do a few things. There are a few people you can contact to try for support. First, you can utilize the troubleshooting sheet provided. Next, reach out to the packager of your system or reach out to the Woodward Business Partner themselves. If you need a new system, your new system can replace your old system within twenty-four hours! 


Please be sure to complete the following when you are sending your package: 

  • Include the return number, the name and phone number of the person to contact, part numbers, and serial numbers. 
  • Be sure to use protective caps and bags. 
  • Use a packing carton with double walls for extra protection. 
  • Add tape around the package when you are finished. 
  • Remember to handle your packaging with care. 


After that, you can send off your package! 


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At Ace Power Products, we only host the best brands, including Stamford and Woodward products. When you purchase your generator from us, you can feel safe knowing that we want our customers to have the best experience. Currently, we have a promotion going on! We have 5% off on our products, as well as same-day quotes and shipping! If you like deals and need help picking out governor control systems, it does not matter if you live inside or outside of the United States! Please contact us today!