If your generator is often having an issue, it may be time to hunt for a new generator head in Florida. Every machine goes through wear and tear, and diesel generators fall in the category. With damage, fuel entering the combustion chamber, or years of use, Overspeed may be a problem leading to a generator repair in Florida. If getting a new motor is not feasible for you, consider incorporating an efficient speed controller to minimize the visits to your mechanic.


Generator Repair Florida For Extended Power Life To Your Motor!

Every diesel engine must keep up with the predetermined speed, and thus, the expected output. When the engine is incorrect, it will not meet the set output. There are two types of speed controllers for generator sets, but we will focus on the mechanical/electrical control like the Woodward Governor.


Mechanical/Electrical Control

Talk of the initial control systems initiated by the manufacturers of generators. These are mostly found in older generator sets for control abilities, while the mechanical governor controls its fuel system. Generally, it functions with an electrical generator load. Although varying control systems are available today, all work with similar design principles.


Features Of A Woodward Control System

For your generator parts in Florida, here is what to look out for:

Woodward Governor: The centrifugal governor mechanically controls the engine speed by receiving the analog input signals from the controller.

Speed Sensor: The magnetically charged sensor gives information to the controller.

Woodward controller: After receiving signals from the speed sensor, it transmits them to the governor and externally customer-supplied switchboards.

As expected, this system is deemed analog. To attain system settings, users must adjust screws to a particular direction for the required setting. The system also offers multiple generator control. With additional hardware installation, you can promote remote communication and the functioning of the emergency power control system.


How Most Woodward Controllers Work To Prevent A Diesel Generator Repair Today!

Based on the demand of a process or a computer control signal, the speed controller can oversee the speed of diesel load, gas engine, or steam or gas turbines. It gives control in the isochronous mode and droops through an externally wired potentiometer.

The mode facilitates the constant speed of the controlled prime mover, provided it can satisfy the load. It is also used during load sharing with a Woodward Load Sensor. The external droop controls speed as a load function when the prime mover is working on an infinite bus or if two or more prime movers are in a parallel functioning.

It can easily adapt a Programmable Logic Control (PLC) to the engine control using 4- 20mA. You can prevent an engine shutdown with such a low-limit setting, even despite losing the PLC signal.

Generally, these controllers function by switching (on and off) the battery connection to the motor approximately 20,000 times per second. All this is under a technique called pulse width modulation. This rate can be too fast for the motor to detect. If it is connected for half that time, it will operate at half speed. If you are worried about any losses, the controller loses little to no power in the form of heat. Fortunately, the generator can’t dissipate much heat.

Note: Install the speed controller in suitable temperatures ensuring dry air. The speed sensor must also use a shielded cable.

After prolonged use, a generator repair in Florida is not odd, but knowing your way around its functioning can help. However, it is also crucial to get your generator parts from a trustworthy supplier who has been in the industry long enough and works with trusted brands. As for repairs, you can only trust a few with your diesel engine, so choose wisely!