Generators are essential, especially in Florida, where hurricanes are frequent. If you stay in  Florida, you must be familiar with June through to November, also called Florida’s hurricane season. Maybe still, you are well equipped with a powerful generator that transcends the infamous months of Florida’s hurricane season. The question that begs then is, do you understand your Generator’s maintenance needs. Of course, you don’t need to be the technician here, but you need to know when to summon one in generator repair Florida.


Should You Consult A Generator Repair Florida?

The following indications will give you a good intuition on when your generator needs repair and other maintenance services.


Your Generator Has Issues With Starting

Have you ever tried starting a generator when there are massive blackouts, and it refuses to start? It is a frustrating experience since your generator was the only hope after power failed. However, some knowledge on how to examine the issue might save the day. Therefore, first, check if there is gas in the Generator’s tank if you face that problem. If your generator uses diesel, you will need diesel generator repair. If that is not the problem, it could be that the oil level in the generator is low, and you may need to look into that too. While checking on that, keep in mind that your generator should be on an even surface. The uneven surface may trigger the low-oil sensor even if oil is enough. If you solve the problem of gas and oil but still face issues starting your Generator, you must check the following;

– ensure that the choke is closed,

– make sure that the carburetor and fuel valve do not have sediments causing clogging,

– ensure that the spark plug is clean or even replaced with a new one,

– check if the battery is dead and if the generator’s air filter is not clean.


Low Flow of Power

Another thing to check if your generator is okay is its power flow. Sometimes, your generator provides less power flow than expected. When that is the case, your generator might be having problems with its control panel. If that is the problem, call a professional to handle it but do not try repairing it yourself unless you are the professional.


Signs of Wear in Electrical Components

How do you spot that? Look for the following;

– loose connectors,

– control knobs missing,

– worn bare wires,

– or frayed wiring.

Suppose you or your professional technician identifies some parts that need replacement. In that case, you might need to check reliable vendors since generator parts in Florida are many, but the original and quality ones are few.


Low Battery Charge

Generator batteries can grow weaker if overused. Therefore, it is good to check its voltage regularly. Check if there are signs of corrosion in the cables and clean them up using a wire brush. A proper voltage is helpful for appropriate charging of the batteries.



With all the information above, you may feel you can repair your generator by yourself. That could be a wrong idea because identifying a problem but repairing it requires a professional in generator repair Florida, with enough experience to handle generator problems like replacements of generator heads in Florida. Therefore, normalize seeking the assistance of a professional to avoid aggravating the damage.