Generators should run smoothly and efficiently in order to effectively power all the necessary equipment. For this matter, a generator failure can be pretty disappointing.

If you frequently experience generator downtime, there are a few common generator problems that you should be aware of.


Diesel Generator Problems And Solutions

Neglected Maintenance

This is one of the most common causes of generator failure and it affects the generator’s smooth running.

Just think of the generator engine as being similar to your car engine. It is well-known that your car will experience problems if you do not service it regularly.

Therefore, checking that the generator is maintained should help prevent some of the most common generator problems.

Proper engine maintenance is the key to most generator problems and solutions and ensures an efficiently running generator.

Come up with a maintenance plan that coincides with the distributor/manufacturer’s recommendations which are often routine and either annual or semi-annual.

The maintenance will often include the following:

  • The fuel system
  • The cooling system
  • The lube oil system
  • The air exhaust and induction system
  • The safety controls, engine monitors, and control panel
  • The starting system
  • The fuel and oil filter changes
  • The automatic transfer switch
  • The water separator maintenance


Improper Sizing and Load

One common mistake with generators is improper sizing. Most businesses want to buy a larger generator than what they need in order to scale in case of future needs.

However, a working generator with too much load can easily lead to wasteful inefficiencies and serious damage. This leads to generator failure.

It is recommended that you should utilize 35% of load capabilities. The engine distributors usually run into issues when their clients say that they want to add additional equipment.


Fuel Supply

The fuel supply is one of the common causes of generator failure. If you do not provide enough fuel the obvious effect will be that the generator will shut down and since there is nothing to burn for power there will be an intake of air into the fueling system.

Having air in the fuel system will also cause the generator to malfunction even when you add the fuel.


Solutions For Common Generator Problems

These common generator problems tend to have simple solutions.

For example, regular maintenance will deal with most problems. A generator owner should always have planned maintenance as we have mentioned above from a company they trust.

A planned service agreement will help mitigate any future problems associated with generators.

Additionally, working with a company such as Ace Power Products LLC.  can help with common generator problems and solutions.

Trust the experts to help ensure your generator runs smoothly at all times.