No one wants to have to buy expensive equipment more than once. That is why generator efficiency is critical to making sure you don’t have to run out to buy new Phaser Marine generator parts! Ace Power Products, LLC is helping customers across the USA buy new generators and keep them running efficiently throughout their lifespan. If you’re thinking about buying a new generator or just bought one keep reading for all of the helpful tips and information!


Advice And Tips For Generator Efficiency

Most people think that not running a generator the right way is like not running a car properly, but this isn’t true. When it comes to your car, it’s possible, although not recommended, to drive further than suggested before getting your oil change, but when it comes to Phaser Marine generator parts running them without proper care and maintenance will definitely shorten the life of your equipment.


When you don’t keep up with regularly scheduled maintenance, you will most likely see a rise in operating costs because of excessive fuel consumption, increased emissions, and more than normal wear and tear. Generators are designed and created to provide power in the most efficient way possible because of this each piece of equipment has a carefully calibrated workload to fuel consumption spot, every engine has a different spot since they all burn fuel at a different rate, but the general idea is the same for each generator. If you run them below their set load capacity, you will inevitably run into some problems. One issue that you may encounter is known as “wet stacking.” This happens because there is unburned fuel being exhausted. When this happens, a build-up begins to form in the exhaust side of the generator engine causes fouled injectors and the exhaust valves becoming clogged. This is why it is critical to make sure you aren’t running your generator on a light load; you need to make sure that it is also within the designed optimal range for operation when the generator is in use. In order to ensure that you are taking for your equipment correctly follow some of the basic guidelines for diesel and natural gas generators below!

Prime Powered Diesel generators should be run at fifty to eighty percent of total load rating

Continuous-Rated Diesel generators need to be run at seventy to one hundred percent of total load rating

Natural Gas generators are typically run between seventy to a hundred percent of total load rating

In addition to paying attention to these guidelines, it is essential that you make sure to schedule routine maintenance on your equipment so you can remain proactive instead of reactive.


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