Woodward hydro-mechanical actuators provide the vital link between the electronic governor and the engine fuel-control input. This extensive product line provides a variety of control solutions for diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, along with steam and industrial gas turbines. Here at Ace Power Products, LLC we sell a wide range of Woodward actuators. Based in Wellington, FL, we ship all across the United States as well as worldwide. Read on to learn more about the variety of woodward gas actuators that we provide at Ace Power Products, LLC. Call Ace Power Products, LLC for your gas actuator needs today!


The Woodward Mechanical Gas Actuators That We Offer


Here is the full array of Woodward mechanical gas actuators that you can purchase and ship from Ace Power Products, LLC. We always offer the most competitive prices and highest quality!


  • Dyna 2000 & 2500 Linear Actuators- The Woodward Dyna 200 and Dyna 2500 linear actuators provide accurate and precise positioning through a minimal amount of moving parts. This sleek and simple design includes a sliding armature whose magnetic force is proportional to the input coil current. These actuators are very easy to install and mount near the fuel system, and directly connect to the fuel control rod or lever. These are suitable for installation for diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines with fuel system force requirements of less than 13 pounds  (58 N) of force. 
  • Dyna 7000 Rotary Actuator- The Woodward Dyna 7000 Rotary Actuator provides a new dimension in size and versatility when it comes to spark-ignited and diesel engines. This long standing rotary design has been tested in the field for more than a decade. The elegant design of a proportional electric solenoid has a rotating armature whose angular position is proportional to input coil current. The 70 degrees of rotation and small size enhances the overall mounting and interface through a variety of fuel systems. This actuator may be installed on gasoline, natural gas, and diesel engines. Direct connection between actuator shaft and butterfly shaft is possible on carburetor and throttle body applications, eliminating the external linkage.
  • EG-3P and EG-3PC- These two actuators are designed for use on diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, or turbines, and are particularly great for use in control systems which require a proportional mechanical output of a proportional electrical input.


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  • EPG Actuation/Governing Systems- All EPG systems include an actuator, an electronic speed control, and magnetic pickup, with both isochronous and droop controls available. The  EPG is designed for precise speed control of diesel, gas, or gasoline engines, and gas turbines. The governor is especially suited to prime movers without a mechanical drive or hydraulic oil supply for the governor, and which have low-mass, low-friction fuel linkages.
  • F Series Modular Actuator- This is an electrical bi-directional actuator with an integral driver. The actuator accepts a position demand signal from a master controller and drives the 0-70 degree output shaft to the position demanded based on an internal shaft position sensor. A PWM, J1939 CAN, 4-20 mA, or 0-5 V position demand signal. This electric actuator doesn’t require hydraulics, pneumatis, or gear train. The Woodward  F Series Modular Actuator is designed to be engine-mounted for different position control functions on reciprocating engines that are utilized in industrial service. 

Other Woodward actuators we offer:

  • Glo-Tech Hot Valve withR-Series Actuator System
  • L-Series Position Controller
  • PG-PL Actuator/Driver
  • ProAct Digital Plus Actuator
  • ProAct Integrated Speed Control
  • R-Series Electric Actuators with Integral Drivers
  • ™ 55 Integrating Actuator/55P Proportional Actuator
  • UG-Actuator


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