Talk of a ‘two in one’ and GAC’s Magnetic Speed Sensor will make it to the list. It is an affordable option and also durable. Speed sensors are a ‘must-have’ for any automobile out there. It is crucial to get value for your money.

So, how do GAC’s epoxy-encapsulated sensors work? When any ferruginous projection or ring gear teeth go near the sensor’s tip, it is detected. As a result, electrical impulses are produced and sent to the speed control unit.

The signal produced in Hz is similar to that of the engine speed. Plastic and semiconductor speed sensors can get the job done alright. But their magnetic counterparts are more robust and better in performance. Moreover, they are not altered by debris.

They are also available in varying lengths and designs in the U.S and metric threads to suit everyone’s needs. As for their connectors, wire leads, military connectors, Packard connectors, automotive connectors, and stud terminals are some examples. For more on this, check out Ace Power Products, LLC.


Features of GAC Magnetic Speed Sensors

  1. They give an electrical frequency.
  2. No need for an energizing circuit from the control.
  3. Usable on any GAC’s Electronic Speed Controller.
  4. Their operating temperature ranges from -65 to +225 degrees Fahrenheit or -55 to +105 degrees Celsius.
  5. They can be installed even in dangerous locations.


The process of installing magnetic pickups

  1. Find a mounting location—no need to worry if you can’t find one near you. Instead, and on the flywheel housing, drill and tap a hole. Ensure that the gap is perpendicular to the crankshaft’s centerline and focused over the ring gear teeth. Fot is to provide a flat surface onto which the locknut can be anchored, and the spot faces the hole. The catch is the size of the thread of the magnetic pickup. You could refer to reliable charts for assurance.
  2. To get the magnetic speed pickup to be as leveled as the face of the gear, put the magnetic pickup into the hole and turn it until you achieve this.
  3. Turn the magnetic pickup (approximately ¾ a turn) counterclockwise to pull it out. Keep in mind that the space between the pickup and gear should not be less than 0.025 and 0.035 inches, which is also 0.64 and 0.89 mm, respectively.
  4. Finally, twist the wire leads for their complete length from the magnetic sensor to the control unit. However, shielding is needed if the leads are more extended than ten feet (3m) or external interference is present.


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