An engine controller is crucial for maintaining optimal and efficient engine speeds, ensuring you’re getting the desired output. Our Woodward fuel metering valve is the first step to gaining this control. We currently supply the Woodward 8404-3004 L-Series Trim Valve, 22 mm, as it is one of the most versatile options on the market. Ace Power Products acts as the link between manufacturers and buyers worldwide, so whether your business is located here in the United States or elsewhere on the globe, you can rely on us to have the tools you need, shipped directly to you! Browse our immense collection today!

The Benefits of The 8404-3004 Woodward Controller

What is the 8404-3004 Woodward Controller in the first place? Also known as an L-Series Trim Valve, these Woodward valves are the primary building block to gaining control of your engine speed, allowing you to use your power efficiently and effectively. The L-Series Valve is compatible with a wide range of equipment, including mixers, fuel pumps, and throttle bodies, making it great for a number of different jobs.

This valve packs a lot of power, without breaking the bank. But how does it work? First the controller receives a command remotely from its PC-based service tool (making your job much easier), and then the output shaft will drive to the command position (between 0-60 degrees). Once this is set, a sensor will command it to stop, and your valve will be ready for use!

This comes with many benefits. First and foremost, this valve is fast. Secondly, it is tamper-resistant, and therefore highly durable. This Woodward product also gives you the control you’re looking for in a number of ways:

  • The valve is bi-directional
  • Has an electrical actuator (so you won’t need hydraulics or drive)
  • Supports single and redundant signals
  • Includes configurable parameters
  • Incorporates safety measure with a relay driver output
      • (It changes the state of the controller when the valve starts to experience issues, making it safe to use until you can go inspect and fix it.)

Take Control With A Woodward Fuel Metering Valve

Gain control of all the crucial aspects and functions of your engine with one of our highly coveted Woodward valves. Woodward is one of the most popular brands for power products, which is why we at Ace Power Products carry so much of it! Across the industry they are trusted for their high durability and wide variety of products.

We currently have the Woodward 8404-3004 L-Series Trim Valve, 22 mm on stock here at Ace Power Products. Simply give us a call to get an immediate quote. We ship worldwide, so wherever your business is, we can get the products you need directly to you!

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Take control of your engine with the Woodward 8404-3004 L-Series Trim Valve, from Ace Power Products! This fuel metering valve will allow you to run your machinery— and therefore your entire facility— with more efficiency and productivity. Though we are based here in the United States, we service industries worldwide, so we can ship anywhere! Call today to ask about our products!