Diesel products can require a lot of skill and guidance to use well. They’re used for all sorts of machinery to do all kinds of jobs, and you need the type of equipment that will best get the job done. Ace Power Products strives to offer our customers throughout the United States the sort of industrial equipment they need. Our range of Woodward governor parts and products will provide you with the kind of quality and efficiency you’ve been trying to find. Examine our products to see what we have!


Woodward Engine Governors: The Basics

If you’re unfamiliar with engine governors, know that they provide reliable control and precision in engine speed and output in all kinds of engine applications. They’re incredibly useful tools, but they also come in many shapes and sizes. The type of governor you want will depend on what sort of job you’re trying to do. For a smaller operator, you probably want an SG Simple Governor. They’re straightforward to operate and are reasonably reliable. The SG governor is available in work ratings of 10.8 and 21.7 inch-pounds. This particular governor is used for a small diesel, gas, or gasoline engine. Its PSG counterpart, another simple governor, is available in the same work ratings but is used to control engines or turbines driving alternators, DC generators, compressors, or pumps. 

engine governors in United States

More Advanced Woodward Governor Parts

If you’re doing a more advanced sort of work, then you’ll probably want to investigate these Woodward governor parts. The UG Universal Governor has been a standard in the industry for several years, capable of controlling diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines. They also work for steam turbines. These exceptionally useful governors are driven by a UG drive from a motor or turbine and feature a self-contained oil supply. They have an excellent drive speed, 1500-1600 rpm at maximum, making it a universal governor than the simple ones named above. 

engine governors in United States

The Last of Our Governors: 3161 Governor

This type of governor is highly versatile, with a plethora of features and options that make it ideal for tasks that require a work capacity of up to 24 N-M. The device is mechanical-hydraulic, and it senses speed in order to control diesel engines, dual-fuel engines, or steam turbines. Some of their applications are off-highway vehicles, industrial, generator set, compressor, marine, or pump drives. One useful governor option is the low idle offset and torque rise, which can reduce undershooting and stalling while also providing for increased low speed and stability. 

engine governors in United States

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