The engine governor is a vital component of your engine. Improper engine adjustment can reduce the lifespan of your machine. If there’s no control for the engine’s speed, the engine will damage itself. You are advised against running an engine over momentum, especially when you don’t attach any load to it. Even if it’s for a  short while, it can result in severe failures such as blowing up the magnet into tiny pieces. The best company in the United States for all engine adjustment needs is Ace Power Products, LLC. Find out how to adjust your Woodward governor controller in this article. 


How To Make Engine Adjustment To Your Governor

Governors don’t often need adjustment unless the arm has been tampered with or removed. If a need for adjusting it should arise, here’s how you can handle it. 

  • The first thing is to understand governors and why they may not function well. Typical complaints about governors are often categorized under engines running too fast or too slow and engine surges. 
  • Inspect the spring and governor linkage before you attempt to solve these problems. 
  • Ensure all your units operate freely, and there’s no damage to the spring. Inspect the governor static adjustment to see that there’s no free play between the carburetor and spindle. 
  • The best way to achieve this is by moving the throttle to full open and noting how the governor shaft moves. If it’s clockwise direction, lose the clamp screw and turn the shaft in a clockwise direction with the throttle wide open.
  • Ensure the throttle changes from idle to fully open with ease. 
  • Go back to your engine repair manual for procedures on engine adjustment. 


How To Access If Your Woodward Governor Controller Is Working Well

When you have inspected the above, restart the engine to see if your governor will work well. When the machine is idle, move the lever using your finger to open the throttle. It will push the arm back towards idle if it is functioning well. You can do this test using the governor spring you removed. If it speeds excessively or does not push towards idle, you need to check the internal parts inside the motor or reexamine the static adjustment. Go to your local repair shop for it.  


Other Governor Problems   

Another problem that often occurs is governor surging or hunting. Sometimes, it is not the governor’s fault, but a carburetor partially plugged, often a worn linkage or plugged idle circuit. If you cancel these causes and access the adjustment mentioned above, you may have a sensitive governor. To resolve this, you need to move the governor spring away from the governor shaft to become less sensitive. Before you try this, examine your engine’s repair manual to know the kind of engine you have and see if you can adjust the sensitivity. What you may need to do is change the governor’s spring, and it’ll work well. If you still need clarification, you can reach out to your engine repair store for assistance. 


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