Undoubtedly, over the years, emergency diesel generators have been thought to be the only option when it comes to backup power sources.

While they are credited to be the most used, especially in former years, diesel generators are not the only option. Many people are beginning to embrace natural gas generators to serve as backup power options.

While both natural gas and diesel generators have their pros and cons, here are some differences between them that can help you choose the right one based on your needs and preference:


Emergency Diesel Generators vs Natural Gas Generators: What Are The Differences?


Even from the way we refer to them, their power mode is the main difference between them. Diesel generators are powered by diesel fuel, while natural gas generators use natural gas as fuel.



One of the significant factors to consider when choosing between diesel and natural gas generators is the cost to buy and run them.

It is cheaper to buy a natural gas-powered generator than a diesel generator. However, many factors come to play when it comes to continuous fuel cost.

Natural gas is generally cheaper than other fuel sources. However, the cost of the fuel used in the generators is subject to fluctuations as energy prices rise and fall.

Their fuel channels are also quite different since, as you get a diesel generator, you should also consider the cost of storage tanks for the diesel.

On the other hand, natural gas generators will not require you to have a storage tank but an established pipeline to supply the gas into the generator for it to work. The cost of running the generators is also affected by the usage of the generator and, therefore, quite relative.

It is cheaper to run a diesel-powered generator than a natural gas-powered generator despite higher diesel prices. This is because diesel generators yield more energy than natural gas generators with the same fuel value.



Diesel generators are more reliable than natural gas generators. As long as there is diesel in the storage tank, it guarantees that the generator will work if it is in good condition.

On the other hand, natural gas generators rely on pipeline gases. Therefore, if a disaster affects the fuel flow, the generator will not run. The fuel source is completely out of your control, making it that much riskier in terms of reliability.


Clean Burning

Natural gas is the cleaner gas, therefore, running natural gas generators emits cleaner gases into the atmosphere than diesel generators which emit unfiltered gases, hence causing pollution to the environment if unmonitored.


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