Ace Power Products is proud to introduce the Woodward DVP for electric actuation. This digital valve positioner is unlike other Woodward valves because it is specifically designed to be used for a demanding signal from control systems. This is because it has many input types that can be used for several different controllers and similar installations. The DVP can support limited angle torque, brushless DC motor types, and is based on resolver feedback, which all help speedy valve control. Our product also has impact and environmental protections. That is, it requires low impact since the control is installed in an area that resists high impact, and it is placed in an enclosure to withstand elements such as dust and moisture. It gets better. Woodward is currently hosting a special of 5% off products, as well as same-day quotes and shipping, so visit our website to check out this great offer. Our company is based in the United States but also ships worldwide, making it accessible for everyone. 


Main Features Of The Woodward DVP 

The design of this positioner was very well thought out and has paid off tremendously for those who have purchased it. The positioner has many features that will serve people well who have many input sources. For example, it contains an electric actuator that provides a secure connection and signal for any source plugged into it. In addition, it has a connector for terminal block options and plug-and-play operations. Furthermore, it is certified in Europe, North America, and the Russian Federation. Woodward valves ensure customers that the DVP has multiple configurations for endless amounts of models, and it contains valves that are compatible with many different options. Our product includes valves for electric gas metering, type water metering, type electric water metering, type gas metering, and many more. Also, since our product ships worldwide, it is compliant with a variety of inputs and models that are not always available in other products. In other words, the DVP has North American compliances, European, and other international agreements. These features prove to customers that our product is very reliable for many models. 


Digital Valve Positioner Specifications

  • Mechanical 
  • Environmental 
  • Electrical 
  • No accumulated humidity 
  • Normal storage temperature 
  • Does not overheat 
  • Suited for models around the globe 


No Regrets

This specialized positioner is a product that is worth your investment, among other Woodward valves. Our company is always working to perfection for customers to achieve everything they desire from one contraption to make input and model connections simpler. Our product’s specifications and ability to generate power is undeniably worth looking into because you will have no regrets after you purchase it, and it is something you will have forever. The fact that the DVP runs so efficiently and can match many different types of models demonstrates the precision and knowledge put into building it, so make sure to look at it. 


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