Living in severe storm states like Florida can take a toll on your power, causing multiple outages and leaving you with potential days without power. In 2017, there were a reported 3,426 power outages, affecting nearly 37 million people. Protecting your family is your priority, so why not invest in a diesel generator to help combat those power outages? Ace Power Products, LLC in Wellington Florida can help you choose the right generator parts, including Phasor Marine. We can supply you with the right generator anywhere in the United States and we even ship worldwide. 


How to Choose

It may seem overwhelming in trying to choose the right generator for your home, but we have some tips for you to make the purchase as smooth as possible. You’ll want to take your budget into consideration when picking the right generator, as some can be pricey. Keep in mind though, that every time you experience a power outage, you could be losing thousands of dollars depending on how long the outage lasts. Knowing what you can handle financially will make a big difference in your choice. 


Evaluating your power needs is also important. Do you want full electricity throughout your home or just the basics to keep your home running? Simply keeping the essential appliances running will maintain your fridge full of groceries, and provide some light so you’re not investing too much money into candles. 


Depending on when the outage occurs, your family can stay relatively comfortable but realistically, only for a short time. It could be hot or cold outside and you’re left with no air conditioning or heat, which can cause enough of a headache without any distractions available like TV. If you have a sump pump to avoid flooding in your home, especially in the Florida area, that sump pump will do you no good if your power goes out. Your sump pump will remain on and functioning with a generator on hand.   


Diesel Generators

There are two main types of generators, the portable and the standby models. The standby generators are typically much more expensive, typically running anywhere from $3,000-$10,000, but do automatically turn on when your house undergoes an outage. They do require either a natural gas line or liquid propane line to operate fully. 


A portable generator, on the other hand, only costs around $400-$1,000. You will have to turn it on when an outage happens, but they can be powered with gasoline, propane or diesel, which is generally cheaper than propane or natural gas. Going with a more diesel centric generator will help you on fuel efficiency, requiring less fuel overall compared to gas. And diesel is safer than gas, as it’s less combustible than gasoline. If you do need Phasor Marine generator parts for your diesel, it will definitely be less often as your typical gas generator, as they require more maintenance since they have carburetors and spark plugs. Generators running on diesel can last up to three times longer than gasoline generators as well. 


Evaluate Your Home’s Needs

You may realize that it’s time to invest in a quality generator, but that’s just the first step. Making sure you know what your family needs in the middle of an outage can make a huge difference in which generator you want to purchase. If you only experience short, non-emergency outages, you can easily get a smaller generator run on diesel to fit your necessities. However, if you experience a lot of power outages, even small ones, they could have the potential to increase in frequency and amount of time, leaving you with a bigger job on your generator’s hands. How much you use in your home factors a lot in your generator choices, so think it through before taking the plunge in buying a generator. 


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The benefits of a diesel generator will do your family good the next time a storm hits. Don’t wait for those Florida storms to start, get your generator now through Ace Power Products, LLC. We have a great selection of generators to fit your requirements, including many maintenance accessories, like Phasor Marine generator parts, to keep your machine running smoothly. We ship anywhere in the United States, so call us today!