Diesel power generators are a reliable choice to favor when looking for a power backup option that can rapidly activate during an emergency blackout. The mechanism of the system is designed to provide a quick response under the 10-second mark to consequently supply the energy needed to power the essential loads of the facility. At Ace Power Products, LLC, we specialize in the distribution of diesel generators and spare parts across the United States from our premises in Wellington, FL. We work with the top brands in the industry to offer the best options to our clients. Are you interested in a NON-EPA Cummins diesel generator, or perhaps you are looking for Woodward governor parts? Learn how you can order from us (export only).


Picking a Diesel Generator 

The inconsistency of electrical power supply is a major factor that can negatively affect homes, commerces, and industrial facilities. Keeping in mind that recurrent blackouts provoke situations that are financially hurtful to recover from, like the damage of appliances and loss of production, the best choice to safeguard the assets is installing a diesel generator.


As mentioned earlier, diesel generators are reliable systems that respond quickly and automatically during a blackout. However, that doesn’t mean that for first-time buyers picking one isn’t a bit daunting. Hence, we offer three tips to follow:

  • Secure the size. This is critical for the performance of the system and your pocket.
  • Get a modular system. It’s easier to install and keep track of the warranty if something happens, rather than when assembled from different parts. 
  • Trust in established brands. They’re savvy and rely on state of the art to assure the performance and guarantees.


Ace Power Products, LLC offers clients diesel generators and spare parts from top brands in the business, such as Cummins.


Order a Cummins Diesel Generator! Export Only

Shop online and capitalize on our sale offers. We have a variety of Cummins generators that are NON-EPA, and export only, ranging from 26k to 1376w. Order any of the following:

  • Water-cooled diesel engines
  • Leroy Somer generator ends
  • Radiators with engine driven fans mounted on skids
  • Deep-sea DSE6120 auto-start control panel with anti-vibration mountings
  • 24v DC electric start systems with maintenance-free starting batteries and intelligent chargers
  • Industrial silencers with flexible connectors and elbows


We guarantee delivery times of 4- 6 weeks!


Other Requests

Please go through our entire inventory to find other pieces you need, like Woodward governor parts. Don’t hesitate to add them to the cart.


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Are you looking for a qualified and reliable diesel generator and spare parts distributor that is known for prioritizing customer services and selling certified products? Then, you should definitely hire us as your #1 supplier. At Ace Power Products, LLC, we check every mark you requested while also offering a friendly online shop where you can easily place your orders. We service the United States from Wellington, FL. From a Cummins diesel generator to Woodward governor parts, contact us today and find the product you need.